Monday, December 8, 2014

UPDATE – You never know what you are going to find out when you go to church.

Sometimes the insights are not spiritual at all, in the normal way the expression is used.

Well, since Rayelan attended until about a year ago and this is where she met Jim, her personal-person-to-listen-to-her-talk,  it was perhaps not so very odd that several people sidled up to me to expound on an astonishing variations on stories about the dauntless duo.

And I loaned out my copy of The Obergon Chronicles to someone at church and the book is now evidently making the rounds from one astonished person to the next.

The Obergon Chronicles
From the Historical Records of

The Planetary Council

These biographical tales have been transmitted to our contact on the planet Terra for the specific purpose of awakening the memory of home in the children of Obergon. These souls have now finished their lessons on Terra and it is time for them to awaken and return home.

I was asked on one occasion if this was written as fiction and had to respond it was not. Rayelan evidently believes every word of it, at least she says she does. The inquirer, a church member, shook his head and looked slightly perplexed. 

We can live in very different Universes and still be neighbors, it seems.  
I have been trying to reclaim the book because I really want to do a review and it would not be appropriate to do so until I have actually read it. I did make it in to, I think, page 20 when she first gave it to me. At the same time she told me I was been her sister, Shalma in the past life when she was Raelon.

Anyway, the book continues its adventures. I am sure it will be returned to me in good time.
Other news gleaned from Church Folk included what appears to be variations on a story wending its way through the community told in versions originating from at least two different parties.

In one of these versions Rayelan discovers she has clutched a traitor and criminal to her bosom in the person of XXXX, The Moving Guy, who, she suddenly discovered, has committed various acts of iniquity against her. A compilation of these include dealing drugs, taking drugs, stealing, lascivious behavior of a shocking nature and expecting to be paid outrageous amounts of money for minuscule amounts of work.
Variations coming from other sources indicated XXXX had a sudden insight and was outraged to realize Rayelan was Not All That She Purported To Be. Perhaps Rayelan had given him a copy of Obergon Chronicles, I have not the foggiest.

My own very slight experience with XXXX would lead me to believe his cultural background was very much in alignment with Rayelan's actual roots, which, if you overlook the accent, acquired while she was receiving therapy for a speech impediment, is sort of lower class.
But this does explain the contretemps I heard outside the other day. Evidently there was a definite parting of the ways.

Five different individuals asked me for more information while imparting the disparate bits compiled above. This probably would not have occurred except that this was a First Sunday and the day I lead my team to put on the Sunday Breakfast, largely attended by people in the neighborhood who are in need. Three of the individuals in question came from attendees who are not regular church members. 
I try to do something different every month and this month we prepared Breakfast sandwiches with slices of ham, egg, cheese and a touch of hot sauce. Also includes was a breakfast casserole with pork sausage, corn, onions, eggs and a lavishing of spices and cheese. Tomato and orange juice was served along with coffee and hot biscuits accompanies by appropriate condiments and coffee. 
Ashtabula is a very small town. The three individuals in question had not read Obergon Chronicles and did not appear to have a strong understanding of the Internet, from what they said. They did, however, seem very familiar with the blow up between Rayelan and XXXX.

Rayelan and Jim were here for a while today but I saw nothing move. The Jeep is now absent and it is blessedly quiet downstairs. And today is trash day and nothing is out there but my own modest two bags.  
I suspect they are actually living elsewhere. Since she has so much stuff she could easily have furnished several places and still have this one full to overflowing.

And Rayelan certainly has the money to view this place as storage. It is not posh. 
The abandonment of packages and mail on the porch continues. A package for Rayelan has been there since at least Saturday along with one for Jim. The Verizon Bill remains in the mailbox getting dampish.


  1. I think I'm going with the second version, the first is the usual slanderous fiction that is so typical of DRS. Would that be Tom that was bitten by the black widow?

    1. Figure of speech only. Bet it feels like being bitten to XXX.

    2. I was being wry. I knew what you meant. SMILE

  2. Aren't XXX and the one with the incongruent name of 'angel' involved in the love affair of the century? This might complicate affairs in Rayelandville.

    1. The Love Affair of the Century? Ah, Love in its multitudinous kinds and expressions! What so say?

      I have no direct knowledge of the sexual proclivities of either party. All here expressed is hearsay and if asked to testify in court I would say my knowledge of each party is, with some small exceptions, limited to what has been conveyed to me by others.

      I have heard from no less than three parties about Angel's trysts. One of these was Rayelan when we were still talking. Rayelan told me Angel had a revolving door on her bedroom. At this point I tend to discount what Rayelan says, of course, and this statement was made during the time she was saying equally horrifying and astonishing things about not only Angel but her daughters and mother as well.

      XXXX, by his own admission to me, and this also could be unreliable, has produced multiple children by at least three different women. XXXX reported that his own father had a truly astonishing number of children, according to XXXX, over twenty, by an also astonishing number of women. XXXX told me he was twelve when his first child was conceived. He expressed no chagrin or shame on this matter and spoke of it casually so I assume I am not exposing something to light he would normally speak of only to intimates. And certainly he and I are only acquaintances.

      I did not know what to say. I was dumbfounded. XXXX reported to me his own shock at the inappropriate attire worn by Angel, which, he said, revealed her most intimate parts. XXXX expressed shock at what he had seen and also that Rayelan was surprised he did not find this inviting.

      These are not my kind of people. Until making Rayelan's acquaintance I was blissfully ignorant that such behavior existed.

      I have seen no undying expressions from XXXX of fidelity to his love. No troubadour has erupted with a paeon songs of praise for the chastity, beauty, and sublime virtues of she who has denoted herself as "Angel."

      Your guess is as good as mine, in other words.