Saturday, November 29, 2014

Exposed! - The Ultimate Survival Guide for dealing with Psychopaths

Exposed!  - The Ultimate Survival Guide for dealing with Psychopaths

It looks titillating. Parts of it are. Other parts will make your skin crawl and horrify you, calling into question any personal security you thought possible.

Exposed! is the tutorial on how to tangle with a psychopath, survive, recover, and take back the part of your life which was stolen. Rayelan is only one of these, but her stories link all of the rest together.

The book covers stories of how they kill, how they use normal people, trapping them in the entangling threads of self-interest, making them willing to accept callous disregard of others, and simple decency, as normal - as long as there is a profit.

The only person who could write this book is someone like me, who has been forced to learn about this tribe of takers and destroyers who have dwelt among us for so long.

The revelation began several years ago as I began reading about psychopathy, a condition which exists behind the faces of those who lack the conscience and empathy which makes us human. When I found that using the tools of neurobiology had confirmed human observation it was an enormous relief. Theory and speculation had a founding in fact.

These are lessons which walk you through the landscape where psychopaths operate. It will destroy your illusions, replacing these with eyes better able to protect yourself and those you love.

The illusion of security can kill you.

Psychopaths are the reason we are constantly at war. War pours profits into their pockets and the cost is borne by the victims of war do not matter to them. This is why Big Oil carefully manipulates the rules for accountability using purchased legislators. People like the Kochs externalize their costs and liabilities so others pay them. This increases their profits.

This explains in exactly the same way the corruption in our courts, where verdicts are for sale.

Clean elections? Another protection which has been stolen from us.  
Peace is just one of the things stolen.  When you think about all of them.  Well, it is tough to do. 

On the global level, nationally, professionally, in our communities, and personally, there is no issue which more desperately needs to be understood by every one of us.

We can survive. We can take back what has been stolen from us. Imagine a world without war, where we are secure in our homes and property – and are better able to love, and trust, one another. Let us make it so.

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