Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poor, Sad, Benighted Rayelan

Smallest Violin
Thanks for sending the Posting, by the way!  

Now, a brief word on the issues raised.  Is Rayelan sick?  

Well, yes, if being a psychopath qualifies you as 'sick.' But she is the healthiest sick person you can possibly imagine.  Her voice rings out loudly and free from any hint of disease.  But if, at moments she opines she has a multitude of options.

Perhaps Angel or Leigh, mother of Angel (Was ever a pseudonym less appropriate?) could make this arduous trek for Poor, Sad, Benighted Rayelan. (See map below) 

The Post Office closest to this address is shown on the map below.  I have clocked it as being less than five minutes from here. 

Buck up, Rayelan.  The smallest violin ever crafted by an understudy of Stradivarius is now singing its sweet melody just for you.

Don't you ever wonder how Rayelan can be competent to run RMN when her life is a continuous train of hysterical and histrionically augmented disasters? How can she find the time to even attempt the most ordinary of adult activities, such as balancing her check book, cleaning her own house, or training her dogs not to relieve themselves on the floor?  

If she is so strapped why does she keep hiring more minions?  These individuals, after all, do not work for free.  There are so many questions which need answers.  

For instance, why did anyone trust her to be able to develop a Family Campground on their behalf?  Why did the CIA entrust her with running an disinformation site?  Was this a way to retire her from more critical work? 

If, as Rayelan so often said, Angel and Leigh had defrauded her why are they so close now? Of course, she had to say something to explain what happened to the Family Campground money and certainly it could not have been HER fault.  

I actually thought she would try to blame me - as she has blamed me for every other ill she brings on herself. But the blame for any and all of these offenses shifts, I now understand, to the next victim.  Right now I am to be blamed but soon she will be forced to find someone else.  There are limits and Anguilla is looking pretty good right now. 

This leads one to wonder who will be next and for what imagined offenses - if Rayelan manages to avoid jail time, of course.  Perhaps Angel, for poisoning Jim's dog?  Jim for stealing the Family Campground funds?  The fact she did not then know Jim will, of course, be irrelevant.  

Issues of access and motive have no weight with psychopaths.  

By the way, Rayelan again exercised her limited abilities with the written word and left an eviction notice around for me to find.  My attorneys asked me to send it and the matter was discussed with prominent friends here.  A benign chuckle was enjoyed by all. 

Another friend greeted the possibility with enthusiasm.  She has designs on making a video of events and asked to film any ensuing hearing.  I consented in the unlikely event this takes place.  I was promised a copy for my own use which makes the idea of a hearing rather attractive, actually.     

Everyone on the mailing list has now seen the written and now printed documentation, including time line, for what transpired, with summary of my steadily increasing losses.  

The problem psychopaths have is that once normal people 'get' it, they, like week old puppies, are harder to fool again. This is very inconvenient for psychopaths who depend on a steady stream of credulous patsies or entangled minions.

And, again, I offer to negotiate a settlement which now should include information on Rayelan's co-conspirators, with documented proof and copies of emails, phone records, transfers of funds, and so forth. 


  1. Does she say she is moving to Anguilla now? I could jjust see her bikini clad whale of a body lounging on a beach, hysterically appealing for funds from her idiot readers. I don't believe she is moving anywhere as it seems to be the longest move ever and an effective fund raiser.

  2. It is too long. See new post. No, she is not moving to Anguilla. But your comment was daunting and certainly frightening.