Friday, November 28, 2014

Time for Choosing

Comments were received, not to be published but mentioned that RMN has problems during and after government shutdowns and other interruptions. Also, it would be useful to know what pattern the loss of data took. It sounded to another as if the CIA might be cleaning up the 'back line' to Rayelan, which is what you would expect with a marginalized disinformation site when so many other questions and queries are not confronting them.

Insights come at odd times not of our choosing in this time of expanding consciousness and connection. It struck me forceably tonight that, and previously I had had this as a passing impression I dismissed as invalid that Rayelan was subjected to CIA programming beginning when she was around 7 – 8 and retained for further programming into her late teens because of her high psychopathic tendencies.

She comes across when you know her as being child-like, frightened, unsure of herself, and so focused on self-indulgence and the body component of existence with mind marginally present and spirit largely absent. The option for change is always present, Darlene.

The road in the woods is diverging. Time for choosing.

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