Friday, November 21, 2014

UPDATE - Pretty in Pink


While it would have to be distasteful for Dan O'Dowd to share media space with Rayelan Dan faces other prospects which are even more daunting now.   (See most recent posting on Drone Free Zone.) 

A careful strategist in general, Dan should understand how problematic it can be when complexities raise more variables than can be handled by a necessarily limited legal team. 

Dan must reliably rein in the sexual proclivities of his former Senior Vice President, Craig Franklin, while keeping the very dim and single-minded Rayelan from making monumental errors at Home, on the web, and with her employers.  And the Manchesters, no matter how much they are paid, cannot be relied on to remain silent unless they have been permanently 'handled,' so to speak. 

Tonight we did a count of the number of variables.  It far exceeds those enumerated here.   

Having distanced himself from Franklin directly for some time now, Dan now faces the challenge of having their ongoing relationship become wide public knowledge along with the specter of engaging with Franklin in a conspiracy which includes the ugliest imaginable sexually predatory behavior.  

How will this happen, you ask?  Rayelan has already taken the necessary steps which to allow this to take place with only the tiniest little effort on my part.  

Good work, Rayelan!   


  1. How thoughtful of Hobie to post this:

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 21-Nov-2014 23:45:18

    In Response To: * FundRazr goal for Friday: $2800 - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TODAY * (hobie)


    Thanks kindly to Reader D. who wrote:

    Good luck, Raye! Wish I could afford more! You're coming through this Test with flying colors! Getting rid of the squatter will help...


  2. Jeff (Hobie - Zapper) Gordon is a real sweet guy - and very happy in his work. Rayelan knows perfectly well she would have to file to evict me. This is all Drama, Drama, Drama. Let's hope she enjoys the next chapter. SMILE

  3. The liar strikes again!;read=4836

    Five days ago I posted a note titled 'HELP". In the note I explained a little about what was going on in my life.... bills, pneumonia and continued attack by the squatter who has taken over the upper floors of my home.

    The reasons my utility bills are so high is she has been doing two things to me:

    1. She has been running up my electric bill and my water bill. These are the only two bills that she can run up.

    2. The other way she interfers with my bills is she intercepts them at the front porch mailbox and takes the bills. I had most of the bills transferred to my post office box, but I seem to have forgotten to transfer my cell phone bill and the internet/cable bill. I just found them on the ground outside the side entrance that I use to enter my home. Hmmm... how did they get from the front porch to there... just as the shutoff notices arrive.

    I want to thank everyone who sent help from the “Help” post. I was able to pay the first installment of the 900+ electric bill and a few other overdue bills. I was also able to pay my packers for all the work they have been doing packing my house and getting ready for the move. They have bills also.

    Both my internet and my cell phone are scheduled to be cut off today.

    I owe the cable/internet $340.00. If I pay at least $200.00 it will be left on.

    I don’t know exactly how much I owe the cell phone company because I have misplaced the bill. It’s over $800.00. I don’t know how many months this is. Usually the utility companies have been sending me shutoff notices after the second month of not paying. If I pay just $400.00 of this I think they will keep it on.

    I had asked for $4,000 this month. I asked for the extra $1,000 because I needed it to pay what I owe the IRS. I try to keep enough in my savings throughout the year to pay the IRS. I stuff a little each month, from the donations to RMN, in my savings to pay the IRS and my accountant. The last few months I have not been able to do this because of the outrageous utility bills that my squatter is running up.

    When we reach the $4,000 limit, it’s going to have to go to pay the phones and the internet or I will be completely cutoff from RMN and the world.

    This is a most desperate plea for help. If you feel you can help please put a little in the widget. We need to bring the widget up to the full $4,000 today or I will be off the internet and have no phone.

    Thank you for all the times you have bailed me out.


    PS... why didn't I know about this sooner? I had a relapse with the pneumonia and have been in bed for the last two and a half days. I finally was well enough to get up and check on things and this is what I found... I am about to be cutoff from the world today.

    1. Thanks for sending. The officer I described Ms. Smith's behavior to called her an online panhandler. She should call up her employer, the CIA and ask them to send her some Dinars. See the New Post.

    2. I noticed Ms Smith's newest libel. She, not I steals mail. Her mail accumulated in a huge pile, falling off her desk with no filing system whatsoever. Pieces which were grabbed off the desk by Tall Dog Buck were consumed, or at least shredded and left on the floor. Pieces which fell off the desk received similar treatment by the Two Short Dogs. Then the whole mingled with the dog poop so lavishly shared there.

      She is not sick, at least not in the sense she means here. But she is sick in the sense she is a psychopath who lies with not a shred of conscience.