Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rayelen Ready for Anguilla - Pretty in Pink!

Rayelan is not moving. I think the impossibility of deciding what she should sell or dump makes it impossible for her.

I understand she has multiple storage units filled to capacity and so that is likely where much of the panhandled money is going. Clearly, while planning this pile of junk as an asset she neglected to anticipate the cost of storage. 

Also, I suspect, from the evidence, a slow seepage of facts about her from various sources is causing her other problems. 

Other facts which may be relevant include the disappearance of her friends, The Duke and Duchess of Manchester. Why would their last communication have been that they are now being housed at no cost to themselves in Willoughby, California. 

No such town exists. There is a street in Los Angeles by that name, however. It is very odd they have disappeared as Alex has proven himself incapable of being quiet until now. 

But every one of her associates who were harassing me disappeared at approximately the moment. No death threats, no slanders and libels. 

This is a small group of individuals all linked by a common interest in shutting me up. 

One is an ex-husband, Craig Franklin, who is a sexual pervert and who told multiple people he would not be satisfied until I was homeless on the street when he left me.  He had done exactly the same thing to his first wife and later repeated this behavior with every 'girl friend' who trusted him.    The MO was identical and a number of us exchanged information on the specifics.  It was creepy.  His real sexual focus is little girls with whom he has a 'father-daughter' relationship.  His fantasy is getting them to trust him and then violently raping them.  His target age is around 10 - 12 years.

If I had known he wanted to have sex with my daughters, violate them, he would have paid in many kinds of coin.This was a shock saved until after we were divorced.  I believe he married me to get access to them and then found this would prove to be to problematical for him.  He knows I despise sexual perverts. 

Also involved is Morgan Gell, my natural daughter whose biological father, Richard Lee Barteaux, was my first husband.  He was a psychopath.  His  two other children, Morgan's half siblings, also display highly disordered behavior, according to those close to them.   

Craig tried to have sex with her.  She claims she rejected him.  I suspect I will never know the truth.  Craig did try to destroy her financially.  

Morgan husband, Jay E. Gell, has connections to the CIA and it is very possible having him marry her was their way of side-lining her when she was causing trouble for the Bush White House. Of course, it was me, on her behalf, who was the problem. She was easily dismissed as a fluff brain and I could not be.

The Manchesters appear to have been pulled in by Rayelan – who is working for the CIA running Rumor Mill News, a disinformation site.  That I was posting on her site for a number of years would have been easily ascertained. 

Pretty in Pink!
But some of their co-conspirators are more cautious. Dan O'Dowd, the Billionaire president of Green Hills Software, who defrauded me, would also be liable as a co-conspirator and he abhors potential liabilities. I put this site up about them when I realized a sizable chunk of their income is from military and drone technology.

Dan and his attorneys are certainly aware there is no statute of limitations on acts of conspiracy which could have caused grave bodily damage. And in this case this is provably what happened.  Therefore, they are vulnerable to criminal charges and civil conspiracy equally with this highly deranged and impulsive crew of screw-ups.

I think Dan might have intervened and paid them to shut up. This is speculation but supported by the known facts. If so, the money can always be traced. He probably thinks he can evade any charges of being complicit with Rayelan. 


While it would have to be distasteful for Dan O'Dowd to share media space with Rayelan Dan faces other prospects which are even more daunting now.     

He must reliably rein in the sexual proclivities of his former Senior Vice President, Craig Franklin, while keeping the very dim and single-minded Rayelan from making monumental errors at Home.  And the Manchesters, no matter how much they are paid, cannot be relied on to remain silent unless they have been permanently 'handled,' so to speak.   

Having distanced himself from Franklin directly for some time now, Dan now faces the challenge of having their ongoing relationship become wide public knowledge along with the specter of engaging with Franklin in a conspiracy which includes the ugliest imaginable sexually predatory behavior.  How will this happen, you ask?  Rayelan has already taken the necessary steps which to allow this to take place.  

Good work, Rayelan!   


  1. I think you spoke too soon, there is a lie in every line!


    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]

    I have bills to pay and sadly my electric bill is 3 times what it should be because the squatter who took over my upstairs is running up my electric and water. They are the only two things that she can run up.

    My electric bill is normally $200.00. With her running it up it's been $400.00 to $500.00 a month.

    Add to that the additional money I am paying a lawyer to get her out and you can understand why my money is not going very far these days. I pray that my lawyer is right and she will be escorted out by the sheriff at the end of the month.

    I have pneumonia. I've had it for over 3 weeks. It is just hanging on and my energy is virtually nil.

    Today is the 20th. There should be about $2700 in the Widget. There is only $1900. I've paid the bills that I could pay, but I have the electric bill and the cable bill that need to be paid.

    If you can help, I will truly appreciate it. If you have nothing to spare, please send prayers because I believe in the power of prayer.;read=4521


      Rayelan always lies to her attorneys, too. Of course, that is stupid but Rayelan does Stupid very naturally as, she, like other of her kind, think the truth has no foundation in fact. This is why they are soooo much fun to depose and why they should never be engineers, physicists, or contractors.

      No more money for power is used in my area than was used at any time I have been here. Except, of course, when she turned off the heat up here in the middle of winter and I had to buy electric heaters. But she caused the need. See may be Pretty in Pink (see Above) but she is consistently stupid.

      It is important to know this so you understand as an RMN Reader you are really not that special because she lies to everyone.

      Now, Readers should email Rayelan and ask what happened to the money for the move. You have been defrauded - if you care. And if she could evict me without evicting me why did she need the POD still sitting at the side of the house, the only one she rented and not the three she told you had been filled. Readers paid for that. They should stop paying and demand an accounting for the Family CampGround and the other previous cons.

      Fraud is her normal MO. There are multiple signs she, and other psychopaths and demons, are losing it all over the world as the Consciousness rises.

      Now, I must return to my parallel battles against other psychopaths. When you have turkey at Thanksgiving, imagine it has Rayelan's face.

    2. How is it she can do the math for the amount of money she thinks should have been donated but has no idea how to add and subtract in her checkbook? That was a rhetorical question, she is a lying liar who lies.

      I won't be having turkey so I will continue to visualize Rayelan in my morning BM