Wednesday, November 5, 2014


First, no move is in the offing. It is very possible this has proven to be soooo lucrative to Rayelan that she prefers it continue with her issuing her Histrionic Pleas, hand-wringing, and raking in the Lucre in perpetuity.

Really, she should give me a percentage.

For one thing real people, not RMN READERS, but those who have followed her for years with attitudes varying from amusement to rigid animosity, for instance Chris Bollyn and others, are starting to notice and make queries.

It is a big world out there. Thanks have been received from many quarters and the clanking of the swords of truth, being clasped, begins.

But enough of that.

Let's talk about Rayelan and Jeff-Hobie-Zapper-Gordon, who have been living on the edge of disaster for years and have banked on the idea there are always more suckers out there who will fund the Carney Show that is RMN.

This attitude is predicated on the assumption no Event which unexpectedly occur to shine light on their con-game. Bad assumption. Very bad. Expect the completely unexpected. It is in motion.

But since I do not want to spoil the fun I will share with you that the list of new terms being used in the book now include RayeTox.

RayeTox is the energy-based residue from the theft of energy, used to incapacitate the victim of an Energy Vampire so the Big Suck can continue. Think the poison injected by a Black Widow Spider, who then sits back and watches the victim die.

The material injected into insertion points along the neurological infrastructure of the nervous system allows the deep-feeding PsiVampire to incapacitate the victim, rending them groggy and unaware of what is happening. This destroys their ability to resist unless they catch what is going on and take Steps. The steps identified will be in the book.

Do you suppose the CIA intended this as a form of assassination? Could be.

This is an invented word, in the same vein as gerrymander. Dating from 1812 as both a noun and verb, this was created from the name of Elbridge Gerry + mander. Gerry, governor of Massachusetts, was lampooned when his party redistricted the state in a blatant bid to preserve an Antifederalist majority.

Rayelan will be soooo delighted to be remembered, don't you think?

In the event this process is interrupted this nasty material, RayeTox, is expelled from the body through the skin and can be analyzed. It stinks to high heaven. Don't you just love the advances in neuroscience? I do. Objective evidence resulting from analysis is the stuff needed to change the law regarding the life form which has so long viewed humanity as its rightful prey. Visit Legends of the Fall and read: Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic elements in Human consciousness 

Also visit:  Welcome to the End Times.   

So. No move is happening. There has been only One Pod, not three. Most of the time is being spent eating, going out, with some half-hearted clanking and shuffling in the mean time. Think continuous party with Rayelan at the center, her favorite spot, of the festivities.

The Histrionic Performances Downstairs continue, an enabling mechanism essential to Rayelan to maintain her fantasies and ignore the facts. Rayelan Must Have Audience, even when it must be hired.

Psychopaths, except for the most intelligent, which is definitely NOT Rayelan, have a tough time discerning the difference between their lies and fact in the long term. This causes Problems when they are finally confronted with documentation either in the court of law or the court of public opinion.

An example of this was seen in court in Orange County when Rayelan's good friend, Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, was confronted with his bank balance (nearly a million dollars) while he was pleading his wife, Wendy, pay him alimony and support for their children. The bugger actually denied he was the Alexander Manchester Montagu on the account.

Wendy said the judge rolled his eyes and Manchester's attorney exhibited a slow blush.

Ah, happy moments are in the offing. Look for more postings soon!

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