Friday, November 7, 2014

Possible Explanations for 'pneumonia'

Facts: Rayelan's voice, untrammeled by any sign of illness, has been heard at frequent intervals apparently talking either to herself or on the phone. These conversations have, for long periods, been monologues with Rayelan providing the monologue. I was making no particular attempt to listen for content but her voice is unmistakable and loud/
There has been no indication Rayelan has been ill in any way except that no moving action is taking place. When most people have pneumonia they are quiet except for coughing and related sounds.
A call to the local hospital was initiated and no one by her name has been listed as admitted there. Check for yourself. The number is: (440) 997-2262 .
Energy Vampires feel flagged, anxious, and exhausted when they are not able to suck from their chosen victim. Given the last post Rayelan might realize she is not far from being Encapsulated for Return. The, perhaps, daunting prospect of having more of the extruded RayeTox collected to be sent off to the lab for analysis and documentation could have hastened the present, daunting, affectation of illness. Also, check others in her vicinity for signs feeding tubes have been inserted.
This can be noted by the victim by a sharp pain accompanied by a sense of lassitude and confusion, followed by excruciating pain and weakness.
I speculate here, but recent insights into the nature of the predators among us point to several explanatory scenarios which persist in human culture. One of these is Legends of the Fall, the demonic presence, essentially male, intertwining with the human genome through normal breeding practices. The End Times would then indicate the unbinding of this as the invading entities either choose to become human or are reclaimed by their originating Master.
This scenario is most common in our culture and the heightened awareness of these predators points to the underlying reality that we create the material world through the action of spirit.
Sounds like fiction but my research shows these themes persist and the predicted conditions are certainly present today.
In this scenario Rayelan would be a demonic presence who has chosen to return to her originating Master and will be claimed forthwith.
Really, this should be a novel but the Rayetox is all too real.
Note the continuing drama associated with Rayelan's life which normal people eschew. We can start calling Hobie the Humble but well compensated Hobbit of Darkness, shilling for evil.
The book is coming along.


  1. Even though it is insightful to have you there, you should RUN as fast as you can.

  2. I agree. But people need to know about her - and about others like her. I studied psychopathy for a long time and every bad thing which destroys us comes from these people. Everyone I've talked to says just get out - but what happens to to the next person? If you read my article, Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection, you see what I mean. We have to stop allowing people to be harmed. Things are about to change in good ways, not because Rayelan is changing but because everything is changing. I hope to be out of here soon, and have the book finished soon after that. Thanks! Melinda

  3. Moving, sick, or no idea how my bank account got overdrawn...that right there is one strong competent business woman, said nobody ever.

    Hi, Folks -

    This note received just minutes ago from Rayelan:

    I only have 14.00 in paypal right now. and I am $300.00 overdrawn in my bank account. I have NO idea how that could have happened. I have not been out to use this card.

    I still have pneumonia and I don't even have enough money on any card to pick up my prescription cough drops, nighttime syrup and the one that makes my chest and throat bearable.

    I am dressed very warmly and will go to the post office. I am praying that someone sent money in the mail… if not… I will be awake another night coughing and throwing up and coughing and throwing up. Can you please let readers and my friends know the state I am in.

    If we can bring the FundRaz widget up to the $2,000 goal I had mentioned for today, it would be a significant help for Rayelan. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE if you're able and would find it fitting.

    1. Well, Rayelan sounded perfectly alright when I heard her talking LOUDLY to her, presumably, paid employees the last few days. It is likely this is just another one of the Drama Queen Moments utilized so effectively in the ongoing pan-handling so ably enabled by Barker Jeff (Zapper-Hobie) Gordon of Atlanta, Georgia.

      Rayelan could perfectly well stay put and have the paid employees go pick up her mail if there is even a scintilla of truth to this newest post. Her PO Box, posted on RMN is is less than five minutes from here is, I believe No. 95, Ashtabula, Ohio. See the post for a map!