Saturday, August 30, 2014

October 28, 2011 3:13:29 - Letter from Angel to Raye

From: Never Surrender <>
To: Rayelan Allan <>
Sent: Fri, October 28, 2011 3:13:29 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: please send info


I agree 100% the girls and Jade need to live somewhere by themselves and without my mom!

I have been trying all morning to form a plan to raise $3000.00 so I can buy this for
Amanda and Brittany and Jade ONLY!!

I want them to know that they have a house where they do not have to be judged and blamed
and freaked out on or have hot soup thrown at them - in order to have a place to live.

I just cannot focus and work when they are in this position.... My mom has been evil to Brittany so much over the last 6 months... ask Britt she will tell you.... my mom and I had a talk about this yesterday morning and I told her that she better
lay off of Britt and I mean it and then 6 hours later she whips a hot bowl of soup at her.... in front of Jade (It is mainly Britt and Jade that I am worried about - Amanda seems to escape her wrath most of the time)

My mother is going to chase Brittany off out of state somewhere if she does not lay off of her...

.... and I PROMISE you this - that will happen over my dead body ONLY so I am going to figure out how to buy this for my kids to be safe in and not feel like they have to "be good enough" to have a home to live in! That is how my mother does it - and I know they are welcome there but there they HAVE to put up with my mother and I don't feel that is healthy for either one of them to HAVE to deal with her constantly just to have a place to live or because they have no other choice.

I just talked to Bruno and figured out how to get about $2000 of it but I just hope that it is still there when I get the money in about two - three weeks.

If you have questions or if anything I just said upsets you in any way - please call me and talk to me about it - please don't talk to my mom about this because that will just make things way way worse for the kids.



  1. If Angela's mother is so disturbed and unstable, why would Angela vouch for her and send her to Watsonville to be Darlene Raye Smith's gal Friday and housekeeper? I never heard DRS voice any complaints in the few postings that she mentioned her. More unpaid labor, right down Darlene's alley, guess she hit the jackpot with this family.

    1. I don't know if Angela had anything to do with Leigh ending up in Watsonville. But DRS always has people living with her. She moved in a guy from church who, I am told, is gay. They do seem to enjoy shopping together but I could not imagine what the benefits were to her.

      Then I looked at it from another angle.

      This might sound strange but it is true. I have a friend who is a former Catholic priest. He left the priesthood to focus on the divine feminine and also to carry out a ministry to reclaim demons for Christ.

      According to many early theologies Lucifer was a fallen angel who took a legion of demons with him. These interbred with human women in the Garden of Eden. If you look at the characteristics common to demons it is exactly the same as those which are common to psychopaths.

      Father T works with a team, which includes a clairvoyant. Together they use prayer and spiritual contact to help psychopaths, and or demons, activate a conscience. If this does not work they deliver them to their Master.

      I asked Father T to see what he could do about DRS and after meeting with his team he told me it was too big a job for them. The reason I asked is because DRS is also an energy vampire. Therefore I considered the possibility moving people in is just like putting extra groceries in the pantry for DRS.

      I know this sounds strange but it fits. I started researching sites for psivampires over a year ago and either there are a lot of deluded people out there with the same delusion or they are reading the same book and putting versions up online. Google vampire deep-feeding.