Thursday, August 28, 2014

March 4, 2012 - Another compiled list produced for Rayelan

A list I compiled for Rayelan March 4, 2012.  I sat in her office taking notes or we talked on the phone, her downstairs me upstairs and I typed out all of these items she could not find.  She was always finding more for me to do which bore no relationship to starting a corporation and taking RMN to a higher level of operations, which, with the promise of ownership and benefits, is why I came to Ohio. 

List of Items owned by Raye Smith but not in her possession.

Thought to be in the possession of
Thomas Scott Beckelheimer or his mother, Anna Leigh Powers (aka Donna Jean Lee, Donna Jean Beckelheimer) If Scott doesn’t have them, he probably knows who does.

Last known addresses for Thomas Scott Beckelheimer:

531 Bunker Hill Road
Ashtabula, OH 44004

3426 Knowlton Road
Rock Creek, OH 44084

List of Missing Property

1994 Black Jeep Cherokee
Body Type SW
Model Description
Grand Cherokee
Identification number
Raye A. Smith

No idea the make but can be found at 3426 Knowlton Road, Rock Creek
If it hasn’t been sold

Car Carrier
Color: White
California License Plates

Two Riding Lawn Mowers
One was $300.00 the other $400.00
No idea what brands, I never saw them

Large Tractor (I paid $800.00 for it)
Never saw it

Power Washer (My late Husband’s)

Craftsman Power Drill (My late husband’s)
With Cord

.25 Derringer with Pearl handle
Do not remember the make

.38 Police Special with Snub Nose
(This gun may be in the possession of his mother, Anna Leigh Powers – aka Donna Jean Lee)
Do Not remember the make
If I were to guess I would say Smith & Wesson

Single Shot Shotgun
Capable of firing bird shot and slugs
No memory of make
Gun butt holds ammunition

Beretta model 86, a .380 semiauto with a unique tilting barrel design

Ruger GP-100 revolver, stainless steel model, caliber .357 Magnum, with full-lug 4 inch barrel (Present from My late husband)

Two Wooden Ladders
1 was a step ladder
I paid Scott $200.00 for both

Toshiba Satellite Computer
(This computer may be in the possession of Anna Leigh Powers (Donna Jean Lee – Donna Jean Beckelheimer)
Bought on sale - $400-$500.00

HP Mini Computer
Paid over $400.00 for it at Costco
Loaned to Scott while he was living in my house

Samsung Television
Vanished when the family moved out of my house


Craftsman Rachet and Socket Set
In Grey plastic case (My late husband’s)

  • Assorted crescent wrenches (My late husband’s)
  • Mallet with rubber head (My late husband’s)
  • Various pliers (My late husband’s)
  • Antique wooden screwdrivers (Belonged to my grandfather)
  • Several Hammers
  • Two with wooden handles (One was my grandfather’s, One was my husband’s)
  • One with metal and rubber handle (My late husband’s)

Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool (My late husband’s)
With many different heads and attachments

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