Thursday, August 28, 2014

February 2, 2012 - Letter to Angel, draft requested by Rayelan

Another letter written at the request of Rayelan, this time for Angel.  I have never been introduced to Angel, though she and Rayelan now spend quite a bit of time together.  

I have no way of knowing if Rayelan finalized these letters and mailed them.  I suspect she asked so I would think she was doing something about the fraud involving the land paid for by RMN Readers.  I told her she had a moral and legal obligation to provide an accounting to those who had given her money.  


You did not pick up your phone and you have no answering machine. It is essential we talk before I am forced to take legal action in the matter regarding the land RMN users and myself purchased for use as a church camp, the land you are now occupying.

Call me before Saturday, March so we can set a time and place.



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