Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Few Comments as the Deadly Handyman bids Raye Goodby

The 'worker' who threatened her is, again, the Deadly Handyman, who I was told is the long time lover/partner of RMN's own Angel.  Angel and DH probably headed back to Angel's Farm. which is likely the new name for the RMN Family Campground.

Why would DH have a breakdown?  Did Raye come on to him, hoping to get a discount? 

I wonder what church she is referring to?  Perhaps the Almighty Cult of Satan?  Of she could be energy stealing from some new church.  One never knows. 

Was the energy turned on - or is she camping out at the E-comm Cafe or McDonalds or heading over the Denny's for the free Internet?  Or, is she using her cell phone for this? 

I have paid off two of the workers... the ones who did the major work. I paid them off with the social security deposit. I paid them off for two reasons. One, they do shoddy work. Two, the man is the one who threatened me and now appears to be having a breakdown. 

I have two more people from church who are doing it for half the price I was paying my first workers.I was supposed to go over to the old house and see if everything was done proeprly and perfectly. This pain did not let me go.

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