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Regarding Recent Posts on RMN - Reposted below

Thanks 86 - It is really sad, you know, what people will buy. 

As I sit here reviewing books and outlining the techniques used by the CIA to assert control, manipulate, and carry out operations which included the assassination of foreign heads of state, an American President, John Kennedy, experiment on unwitting people, both Americans and people of other nations, all of these actions carried out for the benefit and profit of the Multi-National Corporations (Greedville) about which Eisenhower warned us in 1961 I have to laugh.

The pretensions of RMN Readers are heart-wrenchingly pathetic.  What can you possibly think RMN has accomplished?  Filled our idle hours?  Replaced some of your sedatives?

Rayelan is a fraud, a thief, a former sex operative now assigned to babysit the credulous and insert faux facts and doubt into the Internet. Hobie – Jeff Gordon – Zapper is her helpmate. They do it for the money, more money, and more money.

I was never a 'houseguest.' I was working for RMN as Director of Advertising and had been hired and come to Ohio to do the much vaulted redesign. It is possible that when David Sale of the OITC realized that RMN was on a CIA server he cut off the potential income which Rayelan believed would fund this change. Possible, but not likely.

Raye conned me into coming to Ohio to destroy me financially at the behest of a corporation, Green Hills Software, which was angry that I was getting the truth out about them. Drone Free Zone
There are hundreds of emails, a letter from just one of the advertisers I was working with, and correspondence between myself and Rayelan which prove she was lying to you.

Check out the Time Line on this site.

For many years I have been a thorn in the side of the folks who you see as the New World Order. 

Has Raye ever done anything to annoy them? No, she works for them.And they expend a lot of money trying to stop me.  They are nervous about killing me as I left little consequences for them if that happens.  

Look at these names:

William F. Buckley, Jr. - Assigned to recalibrate the meaning of the word, 'Conservative.'

Ronald Reagan – The first NeoCon President

John Fund – the Guy who covered for the stolen elections

Karl Rove – Applying the values of psychopathy to political campaigning

David and Charles Koch – The Most Bloated of Big Oil, who moved the action over to politics

In many instances I was the FIRST to out these toads.  Go to How the NeoCons Stole Freedom

Google the names above, which you recognize on How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.  I did a lot of writing about these toads from 2005 on. This is research and writing, not reposting articles written by others.

Before then I had been active for freedom from the Goldwater campaign on.

Then look over what we, myself and my partners, post to get the word out on problems confronting us right now.  We do it correctly, using only a brief piece of the article and linking back to the place we found it. American Vision Magazine.  And notice that we do not beg for money. 

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster & Dave Lincoln, whistle-blower on Big Oil.

These are credentials. 

And Raye is lying about me in every instance, every one.  Stop believing lies and get the truth.  

Agent 86 - Once in a blue moon, a rube wises up and the hobo spider spins a web of lies

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Date: Thursday, 21-May-2015 03:34:39
In Response To: Thanks, you 4, for the $39. :) (hobie)
(Thanks, wk. :)
Reader wk writes (and I'll do my best to respond, following):
Re: VegaBob: 'A reply to Bob re: 'RMN should c....
I have to admit that I just don't get what the problem is with Raylyn. Of course, I do not know her so I am going to acknowledge that I do not understand. However, that being said, I have to say that you guys need to get your stories straight as far as the need for money.
One week, Raye will say she needs money for a move--that the landlady is coming to get the money. The next week, she need more money for the same place. I do not want to accuse since I do not know the situation; but, the stories don't fit anymore. It has been months and it doesn't make sense that there has not been a reprieve when the widget shows people giving more and more and more.
It would behoove you to help the readers understand why the same problem seems to go on and on. I hope the best for Raye, but I have to say that if feels strange that people give money for a computer or something else only for Raye to have to pawn it a week later. Please explain. It would help.
(hobie here.) Granted, Rayelan's predicament is extraordinary and extraordinarily difficult to understand and fully appreciate. I think those who have been following it closely these many months -do- have some understanding of it, but for others, it's simply mind-boggling.
A key factor has been that Raye had a houseguest who was apparently contentious and disputatious but who proved very difficult to remove from the premises. That uncomfortable situation went on for, I believe, three years, with Raye paying the bills all that time.
Contributions that Raye requested from RMN Readers were always intended for RMN itself and for related expenses of its publisher including Internet connectivity, etc. Rayelan's personal expenses were being covered by other things, including some amount of money each month from Google AdSense ads on the RMN website.
In early September 2014, Google AdSense suddenly dumped RMN, citing infringement of their "no gore" rule by an archived post from 2006 on the Brown Recluse spider, which included photos of examples of damage done by the bite of that spider. We felt that reason was disingenuous but there was no recourse made available. Google's decision, apparently, was final.
That meant an abrupt drop in money available for Rayelan's personal use and for Susoni's, too. Susoni has spent many hours trying to find a suitable replacement for the Google AdSense ads but there doesn't appear to be one short of ad suppliers who deal in ads for porn sites, gambling sites, etc.
Then in late September 2014, a hacker took advantage of the news of the "Shellshock" vulnerability to make his way onto the RMN server and then to delete over 300,000 post files, including most of the RMN Archive. RMN website traffic dropped a full one-third not long after that event, as thousands of links into our Archive suddenly became non-functioning.
And, RMN began gradually to disappear from the search engines for the same reason - searchable pages covering an enormous range of topics had vanished from the site, so they were no longer being indexed by Google and others.
The drop in website traffic meant RMN was no longer attractive to certain higher-class and respectable remote ad suppliers.
Meanwhile, I'm not sure of the exact timing of the events, but, not long after September, long overdue bills and shut-off notices began turning up in Raye's postal mail. Raye rather strongly believes her unwanted houseguest had been intercepting and hiding the bills for awhile, only then to make sure the larger bills and shut-off notices did arrive for Rayelan's attention. Even the single-month bills seemed extraordinarily high, so that Rayelan wondered if the presence of the unwanted houseguest might be the reason for that.
Let's pause to think about that: Rayelan's available money had been reduced at the same time that due-and-payable bill amounts were significantly increased, and at a time when she had begun to feel unsafe in her own home. Imagine the stress of that.
2015 began with Rayelan already in at least a low-level panic, seeking for ways to handle all the bills and extricate herself from that untenable living situation. It must have been January, I guess, when Raye began seriously to plan to move out of the situation she'd been in for several years, and there came a period when she was responsible for paying rent in two locations. Her existing landlord was taking the position that Raye could not move out while that houseguest was still there. One or more lawyers were involved (more expense); ultimately a court ruling was required in order to effect eviction of the houseguest.
During this period it happened that Rayelan's bank account became overdrawn on more than one occasion, worsened by the high fees charged on every check that arrived while the account was overdrawn. Presumably those checks were returned as unpayable, which led to further difficulties with the companies who had received those checks. Et cetera. So it would seem one situation had been handled, only to have it come up again, only now with further hits on her bank account.
The situation today is that the houseguest has moved to other accommodations, and Rayelan is out of that house and into her new one, only to find someone pounding on her door and demanding payment of $2000 for overdue electric bills on the new house that she's only just now moved into.
Raye had no idea that electric service to the new house was going upaid for the past several months, during which time painters were living there while making the place presentable but Raye herself was not. She never saw a bill for that electric service, and if she thought about it, she figured either the new landlady was paying the electric bill till Raye actually moved in or else that the bill amount for the new house had been added to the bill amount for the old one.
(I'm told by a third party that it's possible the electric bill was not delivered at all during the time in question, as it appears the mailbox at the new house was knocked down by a snowplow during the winter. The postal person would not deliver if there was no mailbox.)
Because of the amount of the bill and the number of months things had gone unpaid, the fellow pounding on her door said partial payment would not be accepted; the full amount had to be paid, or electric service would be shut off - which it has been, now. And because water at the new house comes from a well, there's no water there, either.
I haven't heard from Raye today (Wednesday), so I don't know what her current status is.
I hope this helps. There are more details in posts Rayelan has made in recent months. Use the 'Search' function here in the Reading Room if you'd like to find those.
Blessings, all.
gent 86 - Hobie must think Dinars grow on trees and what about the rule prohibiting solicitations for funds for anyone but RumorSwill

SurfingTheApocalypse needs about $250 right now *
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Date: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:50:03
Hi, Folks -
Donations totaling about $250 will keep STA and Theresa online and connected, right now.
Agent 86 -

Hobie tears himself away from Barry Manilow tunes to rebuke dissenter Bob

1980 - BARRY MANILOW, "I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN" (views: 62)hobie -- Wednesday, 20-May-2015 19:33:54

VegaBob: 'A reply to Bob re: "RMN should call it quits et al."' (views: 325)
hobie -- Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:02:54
Date: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:02:54
(Thanks, V'bob. :)
Agent VegaBob writes:
Dear Bob,
I know you meant well but ignoring dangers does not diminish dangers. If one has cancer, does one say "I will simply ignore the cancer" or does one face the reality and deal with what is in motion?
You may consider retracting or deleting your posting, it did show an unhealthy degree of ignorance (the root word of ignorance is 'ignore") of "what is" but then again, you do have the right to express your opinions, popular or not, wise or foolish, for is that not the "let the readers decide" essence of RMN.
Knowing (AND REMEMBERING) that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance,
All the best,
RMN Agent et al.
Agent 86 - CrystalRiver muddies the water with delusional gratitude about moving mountains and proves Bob's point

Individually and Together We Have Moved Mountains (No Quitting Now) (views: 166)
CrystalRiver -- Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:55:06

Date: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:55:06
Dear Agents,
I've thought about hiding under a rock a couple times over the last few years; but it isn't my way and never will be. I'm grateful for Rumormill News and for Raye, Bonnie, Watchman, Hobie,and our reader Brian as well as the other agents that come here to contribute from all over the world. It is this and the two sides to every story that has brought such balance and understanding of what is taking place in the here and now.
Rumormill was part of what held me up and my friend Alan from here as well:) I Love You Guys and I Love Rumormill and something tells me, our posts aren't gone forever; the ones that went missing.
Many Blessings,
86 - Last but not least, DeafdumbandBlind4ever lectures about budgets, compassion, courage and other attributes I cannot find at the RumorSwill. It does NOT look like Raye is in danger of starving anytime soon

If I called a spade, a spade, I would kick your A$$ off this website...NOW. (views: 1029)
Freedom4ever -- Wednesday, 20-May-2015 19:53:42
Date: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 21:18:38
Thank you Brian...I have been blessed through reading RMN's for over a decade and have been able to contribute here and there. I bought two necklaces from Raye LONG ago. I wasn't able to pay it all in time because of hard times. She was so kind to me, so gracious.
I give to her, when I can...I know what it is like to starve. And obviously so does she.
Anyone who can ride the coat tails of those who pave the way and then kick them when they are down, is...exactly what it is.
And I am not afraid to call a spade a spade!
Re: If I called a spade, a spade, I would kick....
Glad to see your post as I agree with it. Yes, it is 'tedious' and 'predictable' to have to meet a monthly budget on a fixed income while based on donations. Nevertheless, Raye's reasons are heartbreaking to anyone with compassion, which, apparently, not all seem to have. 'Calling it quits' comes to mind at times too, but so do the aspirations of doing what a person can to 'fight the good fight' and seeing things thru is a bit more of a truer test of courage & character no matter the odds. Giving up one's 'Savior' is a faith sown in shallow soil; a laborer not
well suited for the toil. I pray we have strength enough to persevere.
: THAT would be calling a SPADE a SPADE.
: Back never pretty.
: You are an ego inflated chicken.
: ~Bonnie


  1. Ah yes, those music videos of Hobie's have saved the world! On a much brighter note there are evidently only four "agents" out of Rayelan's army of hundreds of "copy and paste agents working 24/7" willing to defend the current state of affairs at the old RumorSwill.

    1. Sskids, the Fabulous Four are likely willing to fall on their swords for Raye and Jeff Gordon of Atlanta. We should at least salute as they do so, right? But can be get footage, that is the question.

  2. Freedumb4Ever should put some money where her mouth is.