Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bob's Post, provided by Agent 86- Worth reading twice.

86 says, “Rayelan's at summer camp and Hobie is busy counting his dinars.” 

Hope they are both enjoying themselves. Bob, post below, is absolutely right.  You have to do it yourself.  

Posted By: Bob [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 19:32:01
This is the earlier (see down this webpage a little) plea from our "sister" website of similar 'vintage' (15+ years in existence) as RumorMillsNews, namely "" site.
It's time to call a spade a spade, and realize that the time has come for this website and similar websites, to face the truth of the situation, and quit while they're 'ahead', in a manner of speaking!
The 'writing has been on the wall' for a couple of years now, anyone with a little nous can see that, surely!? Maybe not.
2012 has come and gone, over two years ago, and what happened?.
It's time to wake up right now, or 'forever' stay asleep, for another 26000 years or so, and, . . . .
Most appear to have opted for the latter route, sad to say.
Rumor Mill News has had its heyday come, and now that's all gone too (as in, all 15 years of good work that have 'disappeared' down the gurgler, erased by some not-too-friendly 'force(s)' of unknown identity - on 25 September of 2014.
I am going to say, what nobody here seems to have the 'courage' (?) to say, 'out loud' . . . . . .
That now is surely the moment to call it quits, while, as I said before: we're still 'ahead', alive and kicking - just!
The 'nano-second'**, from a cosmic perspective in time, has come and gone, and we have 'fought the good fight' for over 15 years.
** (1987-2012).
And now, I am talking about RumorMillNews, of course.
Time to let go and move on with our individual lives and create a New World Order (but) of OUR own CREATION,
Best called 'A New Earth' actually, like a few here have 'preached' for years now.
But nobody, other than our self, is going to do this for us, unfortunately.
We have to do this on an individual basis, one step at a time, and stop relying on others, to do this for us.
May sound harsh to some, but if you look at it from a cosmic viewpoint, that is the truth of the matter.
Surely, it does not take much nous to SEE this coming?!
Instead of waiting for a CRASH, let's
CREATE a New Earth and Life for ourselves, and start really LIVING and enjoying LIFE to the full, again.
So let's be the CAUSE of our paradise here on Mother Earth, not BE the 'effect', forced upon us by/from the 'outside'-ers.
BE the cause (change) we can visualize in this coming 'New Earth' only WE can create for our self (and for our immediate family perhaps), starting from WITHIN.
The WAITING (for a 'savior') is over folks. It's NOT going to happen.
So BE It.

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