Saturday, May 30, 2015

And 86 comes through again!

Thanks Agent 86! I respond inside the whine for the day.

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 30-May-2015 10:06:44
I checked my bank today to see if my VA benefits had been paid. Yes they had. Before they were paid I was overdrawn in the account by -$1,391.42.
After the VA deposit I am still overdrawn in the account by -$382.10.
This means I do not have the money to pay the $750.00 rent on my new house.
If you are able to help, I will truly appreciate it. The link to the fundrazr widget is at the bottom of the post.
Thank you so very much. I pray that once things settle down and I don't have a house guest sabotaging my bills by running space heaters with the windows open in the dead of winter and running hot water in the bathtub constantly to run up my water bill and my gas bill, I will not need to ask for so much money.
The woman naturally can't stop telling lies about me. But it is well to note she turned off the heat for upstairs, to which I had no access for turning it on again. Try living in a drafty upstairs when it is snowing outside and nearly ZERO. The police suggested I get space heaters, so I did. Three small ones which only changed our personal space. I never used them after the winter of 2014 because she turned the heat back on.
Arthur took a bath every couple of days, as did I. Just the two of us. Raye and her ravaging gang of white trash assistants lived downstairs, had the manners of gorillas and were constantly sending clouds of steam out of the basement from the bathing facilities. That was one way you could tell how many lived there. They evidently bathed every day. Of course, Raye turned off the hot water to upstairs, necessitating my warming it on the one working burner I had.
And as frequently reiterated, I was never a guest. I was working for her as Director of Advertising for her reposting site. See Letter.
If you look up Liar in the dictionary it is illustrated with a picture of Raye which takes up most of the page.

I am thanking you in advance for all your help.
ShadowSoul gave $5
Sorry. i should not have said "was ignored". "did not receive a response" is closer to the truth. Namaste.
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ShadowSoul gave $20
Would you take $100 for a signed copy of your book? I was offering significantly more when emailing you and Hobie directly but was ignored. Now my financials have changed so that is my offer. I hope you have received more private donations as you asked for. Namaste.


  1. Fuzzy math OR.....did she really debit more and THEY let her. Wouldn't a bank cut you off after a certain amount? Still that Huntington Bank Brute that she definitely was going to cancel with.
    Anyway on 5/28 she wrote she was overdrawn 1391.42, deposit the VA benefit of 1254.19 leaving still overdrawn 137.23 (which she so efficiently mathed at 137.00 in that same post.
    Oops HAD to buy something in the last day or two because after the VA check was deposited in the account that was overdrawn the same amount of 1391.42 and the VA check is the same 1254.19 BUT now it's overdrawn 382.10. And btw all reading, I have asked for proof, She doesn't bother answering if you give her money or not.
    P.S. should ShadowSoul tire of that nonsense, I can be your friend! smile cutely

  2. Thanks for providing the analysis! And also funny!


  3. Confused by her comment? It means she is catching on to you two ungrateful scammers

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    hobie -- Sunday, 31-May-2015 03:10:41

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Sunday, 31-May-2015 03:10:41

    Hi, ShadowSoul -

    I'm confused by your FundRazr comment; please e-mail me.



    1. I don't think Jeff Gordon could possibly be confused. The CIA training for Support of Disinformation Con-Artists makes these things very clear. But perhaps Jeff wants ShadowSoul to sign up for a reconditioning course. Hope it is not painful. Thanks sskids!