Sunday, May 3, 2015

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

The Saga of Greedville, the business plan named for Green Hills Software, Inc., is really a far larger story encompassing the waves of tsunami-like shocks hitting the world for the last several generations. Financial savants began focusing in on the cause of these as originating in the concentration of psychopaths in financial areas beginning in 2004 with the publication of articles about psychopathy in the premiere journal for economics in the UK, The Economist.

But it is important to remember the condition of psychopathy exhibited in individuals has been with us, according to the Bible and other ancient texts, since the fall of Lucifer. The texts tell us his legion of demonic entities mated with human women while humanity was still in the Garden of Eden. Hard to accept? Understandable. It was for me, too.

But there is evidence which brings together all of the elements of our journey through time which bear consideration. The source of this behavior in the human genome is located in the Amygdela, a small organ located in the brain. Those without conscience can be identified by the functioning of this organ. They feel no compassion, no empathy, and have no conscience. Among us, who are bound together by these emotions they function as predators on us.

Hard to believe when you look into the face of a small child who bears this, the real mark of Lucifer, but it appears to be true.

The rapid expansion in neurobiology, which lead to the equally rapid explosion in an awakening to the reality of quantum physics has shown we are entities of light and energy. This is the basis of the long awaited consummation of are becoming One. But those without the ability to blend in consciousness, lacking compassion, empathy and a conscience are not part of this elemental part of us. They are locked in the DNA as a different species.

This is the core of the battle between Good and Evil, Life and Death, Love and Hate.

When you love you want others to share with you. You want to see them awaken to the joy within them which is in each of us who are destined to be part of the Awakening.

Those who are not seek to stop this from taking place. They want to control what we think, know – and feel. Instead of love they want us to live in fear, looking to them for security.

But they will fail. Look around you. It is happening.  Love One Another. 

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