Saturday, May 2, 2015

Maybe Raye can cut some other kind of deal with Bob Herman.

She has lots of experience in areas where many are lavishly compensated.  Trot out those CIA experiences, Raye!  

Who would be setting Raye up?  Weird.  Hard to imagine.  Work on the article is continuing apace.  I put in a call to Peter Janney, who wrote Mary's Mosaic and have a brief chat with Andrew Kreig, who was just getting on a plane.  Lots of interest in rogue agencies today!

Date: Saturday, 2-May-2015 11:12:15
  • Landlady arriving shortly to pick up rent - can someone LOAN me $500.00? (views: 31)
    Rayelan -- Saturday, 2-May-2015 11:12:15

  • I will repay the loan on the 15th when my social security arrives. I will sign a formal loan agreement that my lawyer will review before I sign it.
    I really don't want to have to tell the landlady that I dont have the rent for the first month I'm living there.
    I cannot accept a loan from a reader that I don't know. I can't take the chance that I am being set up.
    Thank you for all your kind thoughts and wishes.

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