Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Raye lies. It's her job and has paid her well as a CIA Opertive

Nothing of value for the battle against the New World Order is created by either reading or donating to Rumor Mill News. A sedative which lulls you into trusting that someone is looking out for you, it is dangerous to your continued well being.

Did you buy Iraqi Dinars?

Did you sign up for one of RMN's other Multi-Level Marketing Schemes?

What are you not seeing because you are accepting the carefully scripted paradigm intended to persuade you only someone else, someone powerful, can save you?

Also, notice the continued Big Lie Strategy about me. At no time has this sad harridan provided a scintilla of proof for any of her claims. But she knows, because as a trained CIA Operative, if she can say it often enough you will believe it. You are being programmed.

I had a friend, Marty Stoneman, who taught a technique for evading this kind of programming. When you come across on of her lies say, 'proof?' Make a note of the lie and send it to me. I will provide a list of third party declarations, documents, emails, and audio tapes which debunk every statement. 

Proof – If you will be free you must demand the truth and know when you are being programmed by Operative techniques for disinformation.

Each time. Copy and send it to me at themelinda [at] gmail [dot] com

PS – Raye taught English as a second language as have many high school graduates.

Urgent Need To Fill Fundrazr to $1500 Mark ASAP

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 2-May-2015 09:27:09

I still need to pay for our server which is $400.00

I also need to pay something to keep my phone turned on.

And the major thing is the rent on the new house. I am $500.00 short on that.

once this move is finished I pray I will not have to continue to beg for money to keep things afloat. I will no longer have a parasite attached to me who ran up electric and water bills to sky high levels plus cost me an arm and a leg in lawyer fees and double rent payments.

The lesson of Freda the Freeloader is one I needed to learn. And many of you who have followed this saga on RMN might need to learn this lesson too. I know that it is possible to learn major life lessons vicariously by watching another person go through a lesson you need to learn too.

I needed to learn that not all people deserve to be rescued. If you are someone who rescues people please look at the lesson I have just learned about rescuing people. The person I rescued is a professional user of other people. It took me close to three years to get her out of my living space. It took going to court twice and court costs and lawyer fees.

My freeloader is now contacting my donors in another attempt to either shutdown RMN or to saddle me with so much extra outlay of money that I have nothing left to keep RMN up and running.

Not all freeloaders are evil. My freeloader has mental problems. This is clearly stated on her divorce papers from her third husband. I don't know if she poses a threat to my life. People who have had difficult encounters with her tell me she is capable of anything. One of these people made an anonymous phone call to me and listed a number of reasons that I should be armed at all times.

Shortly after that my one gun disappeared.

Shortly after my freeloader arrived at my house ALL of my guns were stolen. The freeloader told me who stole them and I believed her and reported this to the local police. In other words she stole them and blamed the theft on someone else.

I will eventually write the whole story of being a victim of a psychopath but for now if you can help me financially to finish my move to my new house and away from the psychopath I will bless you forever.

Thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the years. It's going on 20 years since RMN started as a newsletter.

Remember to count your blessings everyday.


Ps I can't proof this on a cell phone. Please read around the typos, misspellings and bad grammar from the former English teachrr.


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