Sunday, May 3, 2015

Deepwater Horizon still creating an environment of fear and intimidation five years on

From:  Bellona 

COMMENTARY - The police state mentality protecting Big Oil is present in the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon.  The model for oppression could be the future for all Americans.

 THE NATURE COAST, Florida – A group of fishermen living along Florida’s “Nature Coast” – tucked along the state’s western shore from the Panhandle to Pine Island – have agreed to meet with Bellona’s Karl Kristensen and me and they’re feeling a bit edgy.

We’ve driven out to a house out along the Gulf of Mexico through the early sunset of a late February night.
All of them have switched off their cellphones. A woman paces back and forth to the edge of the yard to monitor passing cars and gauge if our voices might carry over the still sea waters where prying ears could be listening from darkened boats.  MORE

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