Sunday, May 17, 2015

Through the Muck and the Mouses come all the Old Louses

And Agent 86 said, “Rayelan is a thief, or just one hell of a liar, notice how she is willing to stiff her creditors?    Too funny she is attracting rodents, she just had NO Idea!     Better get your well water checked before you stiff the water company.    Better get that $300 back to the title loan place or we will hear, "someone stole my jeep and it was probably Melinda!" “

Thanks Agent 86 – You are all too right. Now, the mice had probably heard she had moved in and decided since the biggest Rat on the Planet was in their area they should drop by and say Hello! This is rather like sharks lining up for the attorneys to reach dry land, you know.
And did she forget Buck died? And notice how she complained about her 'helpers' and Jim. I wonder how long until they are the problems to be solved for which she requires Moolah?
And not even one missed day between one Whine and Con and the next. Does she had gall or does she have GALL? Breath taking.

from Rayelan: "Share as much of this as you want with our readers... and tell them I am hurting... in more ways than one... " **
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 17-May-2015 17:36:01
Hi, Folks -
E-mail received an hour-and-a-half ago from Rayelan:
I worked myself into a physical collapse. And then after all the care-takers had either gone home, or in Jim's case, gone to bed.. I got up, took the dogs for a walk and then stayed up til 2am doing the same thing. I slept til 5am and have been at it all day. In addition to being dehydrated, I have developed a toothache. It's a back molar... fortunately no other teeth are attached to it. I may be wrong about that. I have numerous permanent bridges that are made up of several teeth. Ican't imagine any dentist would take it out if it's holding in other teeth.
But what's the use in trying to figure out what a dentist will do, I'm broke nd have no way of earning anything substantial by tomorrow or the next day. I can get pain pills tomorrow. Not only am I out of pain pills because I gave them to Buck... (we were on exactly the same medication.)... but I do not have anything for pain including an aspirin. I respond well to this one pain pill.
I am so deprived of sleep and also having pain attack me like I have never been attacked...that I am drifting into another world. When it happens my head falls to my ches. It just happened again... when I came back the word chest was ches.... no t. That's what happens with this strange turn of events. I drop off while I am typing.
I'm also so forgetful that I worry I'm coming down with alzheimers.
The pain is too much to bear. Since I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, maybe I will fall asleep on my bed.
I was able to pay two bills yesterday with the $200.00 that one of our readers sent me. I have to write her a thank you note to her. She really came through. Verizon was going to shut it off... I am still paying inflated bills because of Melinda. I no longer want to pay the water because I have a well so I don't need to put down a $200.00 deposit because I still owe tem money. For months they allowed the electricity bill on this house to go unpaid until it ran up to a huge amount. The should have called me the moment the y saw smething unusual going on with the account. I am also not going to pay time warner cable. It is over a thousand. I can declare them in my bankruptch.
Even though I paid $200.00 to Verizon, they still want another $400.00 asap.
The old landlord says I owe him $3,000 dollars in back rent. At 700 a month would say that I skipped paying 4 months rent. I wonder why they didn't say anythng about it? Anywa... I am going to ask him for an itemized list and compare it to the list I will get from my bank.
I still didn't rescue the Jeep. I have til the end of the month to come up with $300.00. I have paid off two of the workers... the ones who did the major work. I paid them off with the social security deposit. I paid them off for two reasons. One, they do shoddy work. Two, the man is the one who threatened me and now appears to be having a breakdown.
I have two more people from church who are doing it for half the price I was paying my first workers.I was supposed to go over to the old house and see if everything was done proeprly and perfectly. This pain did not let me go.
I can't keep awake any longer... that's how I cope withe the pain... I sleep and my body needs it.
I should go into the mouse saga. I had no idea that the house was mouse infested. They are in everything. I need to find a way to get them out of the house without harming the dogs. They are part rat terrier and they are having the time of their lives trying to catch mises. Toby killed tow big rats back in California. Speaking of which... I am so glad I no longer live in California. we have no water shortage in Ohio.
I need help finding out the best way to kill mice or just get them out of my house. I have two of those things you plug into the electrical plugs and they are supposed to get rid of the mice in two days. It's been at least 5 days now and nothing has worked... in fact I think there are more mice than before.
They have gotten into so much of the food AND even my bottled water. They chewed through the bottoms and I had a mess to clean up.
They even pooped on quilt lady's quilt she made for me. cry cry.... I did clean it and will also send it to a cleaner and then have it framed so mice can't poop on it again.
Share as much of this as you want with our readers... and tell them I am hurting... in more ways than one... and really need some help paying bills and getting to a dentist or finding a home made remedy for the pain. I really ready to stick some pliers in and pull it myself... but I thin k I would take out many teeth with it and I don't want to do that.
gotta sleep


  1. With apologies to Ray Charles...he is blind you know


    That's what you are,
    Tho' near or far.

    Like your stench of lies that clings to me,
    How the thought of you nauseates me.
    Never before
    Has someone been more...

    Lies every day
    And forever more
    That's how you'll stay.

    That's why, Rayelan, it's incredible
    That someone so contemptible
    Thinks that I am
    Unbelievable, too.


    Lies every day,
    And forever more
    That's how you'll stay.

    1. Bravo sskids! A compelling and enlightening work of verse.

  2. Yea, but I think I need to apologize to Nat King was his song