Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015 - And the Lies Go On, and On and On.

Thanks 86! - Raye is, of course, lying through her teeth and again proves herself to be both incompetent and avaricious. Notice how the 'cute little mice,' become dead rats floating in the dog bowl, like this is a major problem. I will insert Comments into the text as it saves time.

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 24-May-2015 14:24:55
As you know, I have moved. Very quickly I was hit with two glaring and immediate problems.
The first problem that hit me in the face the moment I walked in to my beautiful house in the country was mice... cute little mice that would make nice pets if you kept them in a cage!!! These little mice have free run on the entire house. God only knows what they eat besides my food.
I discovered quite by accident where they get their water... they get it out of the dog water. I know because I found one of them floating in the dogs' water bowl. I have since retired the two water bowls that the mice can get in and I am using an old bird bath. They won't be able to climb the sides of the bird bath. It's at least six inches off the floor. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying that I find no more dead rats floating in the water.
The second problem was one caused by the painting crew who painted the inside of the house. They lived at the house while they painted and laid linoleum. They stayed longer than expected because I couldn't leave my old house until Melinda was evicted otherwise I would have to continue to pay double rent, which I did from January until I officially moved out.
Melinda was entirely moved out by 11am on April 6th. Why did it take nearly two months for Raye to move? Because she is a hoarder and does not mind spending the money donated by too trusting RMN Readers to buff up her life. Most of us, hard up for money, put off painting, doing it room by room. But for Raye it has to be perfect, as if she had grown up to expect better. She didn't. Her early years were spent in a remodeled chicken coop.

She had no intention of being moved out in January, else why would she have insisted the utilities be returned to her name and conned the landlords, the Brobsts, into helping her?

Insist on seeing all the electric bills. She is lying through her teeth. She knew they were living there and was over nearly every day and could see the level of usage. None of this was any surprise to her. And she did not 'hire a crew,' the Crew is the Deadly Handyman and RMN's Angel Lee, who are certainly not professionals. Why didn't Raye hire professionals who would have completed the job in a couple of days and not lived there? Ask yourself if you would be so stupid. Also, do not believe the bill was $2500. Remember the extra she added on when you sent money to pay for Buck's cremation. It is the same here. Demand she put up the bills. The real reason is that she had committed identity theft, a crime, and tried to make me responsible for her bills – and got caught.

What problem did the painting crew cause? A $2500.00 electric bill. The electric was turned off, when I called to report an "outage" I was told that there were no outages in my area, and then I was told that I owed $2500. That was the first time I had any idea that I owed this huge bill. In other words, I never received any bills from the electric company. I have NO idea where the bills went. The electric company told me that they weren't returned.
I was able to get it turned back on because of medical necessity. I use a C-Pap machine as does my roommate. But without giving the electric company a large sum of money each month until the $2500.00 is paid off... (in addition to the normal bill,) I will be taken to court and ordered to pay, which will mean that the electric company will be able to shut off the power and take money out of my bank account and probably Paypal too. It will also mean that I won't be able to rent another house because I will never be able to get electricity in my name.
20/20 hindsight is excellent. I should have stayed put right where I was. But I never expected my freeloading houseguest to leave within a week of losing the eviction battle. It has taken all this time to clean up the mess she left.
See Photos. It was left far cleaner than it was when I moved in. 

Early in the morning, April 6, 2015

Bathroom corner
Wall clean behind cabinets in bathroom
Toilet clean
Bedroom clean to the walls, vacuumed
Bedroom closet cleaned and empty
Office, cleaned to the wall.

I now find that I have overdrawn my bank account once again. I finally have figured out how it happens. I always check my balance to make sure that I don't overdraw. Why don't I remember how much is in the account? It's because I sell several products from my website... products like JC Tonic (aka Jurak Classic Tonic.)
I also sell ThermaMend but for some reason their link is not working. I will find out why and post it. Believe me, JC Tonic and Thermamend have saved my poor old body. I drink the Tonic by day and rub the Thermamend on my sore and aching muscles at night. Both of these companies deposit my earnings directly into my bank account. Some months I do very well with these products, especially after I talk about how incredible they are.
Because they deposit directly into my checking account, I am not surprised when I check the balance and find that I suddenly have $600.00 or more in my account... and checking the account using my cell phone a few days ago, it looked as though I had over a thousand dollars in my account. Sad to say, the balance was not a positive one, it was a negative one. I am overdrawn by -$1,084.54.
Overdrawn AGAIN!!!!!!!!

My Veterans benefits will just barely cover this when they are paid on the first. But it won't cover my $750.00 rent. Needless to say, I need help.
I would like to pay all of the past electric bill which is close to $2500.00... (I am not sure of the actual bill because I still have never seen a bill, but it is close to $2500 give or take $20.00) and I need to put -$1,084.54 in my bank account to cover the overdrafts. I need a $3500.00 loan which I will start paying back on the first of each month or sooner.
I am not asking that one special person GIVE me the money, I am asking that one special person or two or three LOAN me the money. Depending on how many people agree to loan me money, I can begin to pay you back at $400.00 a month until the loan or loans are paid off. If 4 people loan me this amount, I will pay each person back $100.00 each month or more depending on how well my ebay sales go.
I truly do need help because I only have so long before the electric will be shut off permanently. I also need to keep my phone on, if this is possible. I can actually do without a phone because If my electric and my internet connection stay on I can use skype or any of the other relatively inexpensive phone systems. Like everyone, I have grown used to having a cell phone but I survived before cell phones and I can survive if mine is taken away.
It's almost shut off right now. I had an agreement with them to pay $400.00 on a certain day, I missed my payment date and now cannot make calls. I can receive calls as long as I am paying something each month on the balance.
Now that I have a roommate who is helping out with the bills to the best of his ability, I don't foresee a problem in paying back a $3500.00 loan over a period of six months. That would be about $600.00 a month.
Now that I have a roommate that is trustworthy, I am going to open an ebay store to sell my vast collection of vintage purses and shoes that I have been dragging around with me for over 40 years.
Let's have the name. It is probably Jim Heath, who was already living with her at the other house.

I used to be a shoe buyer for Nordstroms and in those days (late 60s early 70s) we could buy anything in the store at cost. Needless to say, I bought lots of shoes and purses for myself and for my mother. I sold a very large chunk of them to support myself while my late husband, Gunther was in prison. He was released before I depleted my stock. I chose to hold on to the shoes and bags because with flea markets and now ebay, it's like having money in the bank.
Has this woman checked the market for old stuff lately? No one is buying. I have a friend in New Jersey who tried to sell authentic antiques and no one was willing to buy. The economy is melting and this is not just an alarmist story, it is impacting everyone, even those who live in million dollar homes.

I just rescued my 99 Jeep from the pawn shop. I have one other non secured loan that will be due the 30th. It was for $300.00. I have never pawned anything in my life. But such is the sad story of my financial world right now.
If you can loan me a large amount, please don't use Paypal, they will take way too much. Email me and I will send you my phone number and we can figure out the best way for me to receive the money.
I am praying that someone can help as soon as possible. I don't know how much longer I will have electricity if I don't pay them at least another $500.00... the same goes for my phone, but that amount is smaller, around $200.00 plus the normal bill will keep the phones on.
At the moment ALL of my personal money is going for the rent and for back utility bills. Thank God that I had put away a supply of emergency food. I have a Coleman camp stove which I used to heat water when the power was off. Some of my emergency food only requires water. And a lot of the meals are ready to eat just by opening them. I even have some that are supposed to last 25 years and heat themselves. I haven't found those yet... hopefully I find them before the mice do.
Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. For donations over $50.00 I can send you one of my books, Diana, Queen of Heaven or The Obergon Chronicles, Introduction to The Obergon Chronicles or both for donations over $100.00.
All books will be autographed and you will be able to sell them on ebay. Some people are asking over $100.00 for The Diana book. One person even asked $500.00 for it.
I thank all of our readers/donors who helped me make it through this month and most of my move. I still haven't paid all of my helpers but fortunately they know that I will pay them.
I need to go. I still have pods to unload and and have returned to the Pod People. I have unloaded everything I can carry by myself. I had to hire one of my helpers, with a promise to pay him later. I pray I can pay him later because like all of us, he needs the money just to survive.
Had to hire one of her helpers?  What does she mean by this?  It is the Deadly Handyman again?  
Thank you so much for your help. Here is a direct link to my paypal account. This way the widget won't take anything out.
If you give her a cent you are the biggest sucker ever born.


  1. PODS! Friggin PODS? That's the 1st I seen that word "this" move. Has she had the friggin PODS since California? OMG, super incompetent. Or is that the storage units written of in the past? Doesn't really matter, I guess. We seem to be at the end. ~dmh

    1. Hi dmh! It would not surprise me if she did - but she must have been storing them out on the RMN Family Campground or paying for a place. She is a hoarder, remember.

  2. Melinda, I just listened to this whole interview and in the middle of it, I believe it is Stew Webb that mentions Gunther Russbacher and had the idea you might get in touch with him to do an interview on what he knows about GR. Funny, she had to mention him again today. (as she bemoans your interest still in your dicky ex-you have a damn good reason)-AND he is still alive! lol ~dmh

  3. Clearly, the perils of Rayelan are of great interest to the RumorSwill readers. The response rate is a little low....five donations out of 2207 views. I guess they could be showering her with donations directly into her Rayepal account.

    Update from Rayelan -- OMG What Have I Gotten Myself Into? (views: 2207)
    Rayelan -- Sunday, 24-May-2015 14:24:55

    Neal gave $50

    Have a safe move. May God's blessings shower down on you.

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    Cmanynames gave $40

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    Anonymous gave $25

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    Anonymous gave $150

    Good luck, Raye. I will take you up on your offer on the two books (to read, not sell).

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    1. sskids, this struck me. The one comment reminds me that some generous person sent a huge collection of books on the JFK Assassination to Raye, who never read them. The donor had in mind building a library for RMN but instead the proceeds from the sale of the books, one by one, became brick-a-brack for Raye to lug around and cost Readers money. Raye will never change. She will be doing the same from her bed when she is in assisted care and squabbling with the caretakers about how much she can have in the room.

    2. She did a video in front of those french doors about all those books she had for sale. I thought she was creepy. I wonder how the donor felt about her treatment of his collection?

  4. Here is the video link

    Also ran across this very astute comment in response to that Gary Larrabee guy

    thomas taylor 1 year ago
    Sounds like sour grapes from rmn getting caught spreading disinformation and being a shill organization. A common claim looking for pity to stimulate money so rmn can live high on the hog and buy nice jewelry that rayelan bragged about using supporters funds right on the micro effect. 'I just had to have it.,.." came accross the air right after they asked for money. This was followed by asking for more money = a free loader looking for hand outs and who do you think is sending in their cash. Equally is their vote fraud and attack on listeners computer systems. They were finally removed from the voting but it took a marshals bage to do it. The show is filth and just another scam to feed on your fears for MONEY

  5. I think Raye prescribes to the Clinton perspective, that if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth. Thankfully, the RMN rubes are seeing through it. Keep up the good work, people are getting it.

    1. Thanks Anon, I think they are, too. And it is a good thing. Blind faith will eventually lead you off a cliff, resulting in a nasty shock when the free fall ends. Of course, Bush Co., Senior and Junior, also had The Endlessly Continuous Lie down to a science. And they learned it from experts, Bernays and the CIA!