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Realties and Rayelan April 3, 2015

Well, no one ever said Raye was non-violent. You should have seen the gleam in her eye when she came back from her target practicing and training for a concealed carry permit in 2012.

86 Sent this on because nearly all of Raye's posts are begging. But this one is a touch different. Again, she cites Gunther as someone dedicated to protecting ordinary people and having special training to do so. When you read her 'advice' below it is impossible to take her seriously. 
I strongly suggest you read “Family of Secrets – The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces that put it in the White House, and what Their Influence Means for America.” The author is Russ Baker, a disenchanted journalist who took to the Internet to get the word out.
Poppy Bush was working for the CIA in 1953. He was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He was appointed Director of the CIA, being asked to return from China where he was serving as US Envoy, to become Director of the CIA in December, 1975. The appointment was ratified in January 1976.
A reading of the book shows how the Agency operates, and for whom. It is highly compartmentalized, with no one but the top echelon really knowing what is happening unless they are involved in the operation.
The appointment by President Ford did not really mean much. The CIA runs itself. If Gunther had any role it would have to have been as an operative, someone paid in cash and having no formal affiliation with the Agency.
At the time of the October Surprise Bush was not in office and would have most likely used his most trusted pilot, Jim Bath, for a covert run to Paris, if he thought this was necessary. The CIA used Houston Gulf Airport, purchased in 1977 with Saudi money by Jim Bath who was a “sheep-dipped” Air Force pilot supposedly working as a civilian and acting as US Agent for Royal Saudis.
Information is now flooding out about BushCo, who are now positioning themselves to place Jeb in the White House.
Inconvenient Operatives ended up dead. Bush and his confreres were clearly very unsentimental about rogue operatives, and even sacrificed those who had been loyal when it was the expedient thing to do.
The CIA is all about the money. Have no illusions. They built out their organization to ensure no internal disruptions occurred. So, read Raye's blather with caution and do not accept it at face value. Your own actions should be local and focused on bringing people together to solve the presenting problems of grid dependencies.
Disinformation agents who are operating disinformation sites are operating at a much lower level than poor Gunther ever was, if he was actually an operative, which has never been proven.

This is the Reason that so Many SEALS and Special Ops Guys/Gals are thrown in Prison
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 3-Apr-2015 15:46:14
Our government knows that One SEAL can take over a medium size town. Gunther told me that the only thing our government (aka the owners of the Federal Reserve) fears is for these retired special ops to organize and overthrow them.
The first step in doing this is leaving a trail of bodies... of our elected leaders... to scare the hell out of the ones left alive. They won't be visibly murdered... they will die in accidents, plane crashes, kidney failures, heart attacks... lots of heart attacks.
The deaths won't all happen at once. It will take place over at least a month, while "little birdies" whisper in the ears of those who will listen and follow orders the things they need to do to replace the government we now have with the government our founding fathers set up for us.
As you might guess, this means getting rid of the Federal Reserve. You might want to buy some silver and gold so you can buy the things you need during the transition.
A word of caution. There are infiltrators from our oppressors in the ranks of the "little birdies". Make sure that what the little birdy tells you makes sense in light of what a small fraction of the population wants to do. If only one person comes off like a sovereign citizen nut case, the press will use this to smear the entire movement.
Another word of caution. Killing Obama is NOT on the agenda of those who want to restore our country. However, killing Obama and blaming the sovereign citizen, patriot movement is something our leaders. i.e. our oppressors do have planned.
We need to do everything in our power to view all sides of the situation and make sure that the steps taken are going to lead to a quick restoration and not a bloody revolution during which Russia and China just may take over.
Our retired Special Ops guys need to keep in shape!!
: With increased military helicopter activity now being seen
: from coast to coast as seen in the 1st video below, US
: Special Ops Veterans have announced 'Operation Tyranny
: Response' in opposition to Jade Helm 15 and the recent
: martial law exercises in Fort Lauderdale as shared in an
: email sent to All News Pipeline republished below. We also
: learn of 'Operation Homeland Hawkeye', a newly launched
: website in which Americans can send their own pictures or
: videos of martial-law style military events in their own
: hometowns.
: 10353565_725162914228441_3687918955892450003_n.png
: In great respect and honor to America's Special Forces,
: especially those who gave their own lives to preserve and
: protect the Liberties that their children, grandchildren
: and great grandchildren may never have the opportunity to
: experience with America on the brink of destruction,
: Americans are now speaking out en masse against a potential
: martial law takeover of America, whether due to economic
: collapse, World War 3 or the onset of a 'New World Order'.
: What would martial law in America look like? From End of
: the American Dream.: First thing that you need to know is
: that the U.S. Constitution would be “suspended”.
: In other words, you would suddenly have no rights at all.
: There would be no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press,
: no freedom of assembly and you could be arrested at any
: time for any reason whatsoever.
: For the duration of the “emergency”, the military would be in
: control. There would be troops in the streets, a curfew
: would almost certainly be imposed, and armed checkpoints
: would be set up.
: If the “emergency” lasted long enough, we would probably see
: authorities go house to house confiscating firearms,
: ammunition and food supplies.
: And perhaps most troubling of all, “dissidents” and
: “subversives” would likely be rounded up and imprisoned.
: Well, we do know that this is precisely what the FBI had a
: plan to do in the 1950s from a recent RT article…
: The best chance that Americans have to end martial law in
: America before it begins is to let them know that WE know,
: that we can see the preparation taking place by the
: government and by the military for a huge, as-of-yet
: unannounced event. Anyone can contact the White House at
: 202-456-1111 and/or their Congressional Representatives
: here to voice your own opinions.
: Email from a United States Special Ops Veteran on 'Operation
: Tyranny Response': Dear Patriots across America,
: In response to the alleged "Martial Law" drills
: conducted by the Pentagon in Fort Lauderdale Florida (under
: orders from the Communist in the White House) I responded
: thus.
: I called the Chief of Police in Fort Lauderdale and left a
: message with questions as to why he allowed US military
: Black Hawk's to use his town as a military staging area and
: allow civilians to be rounded up and herded like cattle as
: if under arrest by the US military. I saw the video now
: taken off the Blaze. His phone number is 954-828-5590 No
: response back.
: I then called the special operations team in the Fort
: Lauderdale Police department and spoke to Captain Gillis.
: He also returned my calls and left me a voice mail passing
: the buck to Captain Swisher the man in charge of SWAT teams
: and tactical operations. Captain Gillis phone number is
: 954-828-5484. Captain Swisher has returned my call and
: stated the training is for overseas contingencies. His
: phone number is 954-828-6651. I have voicemail as evidence.
: I then called Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base but
: apparently everyone is too busy to answer the phone they
: must be invading another city maybe Daytona Beach is next.
: I then called the Pentagon and left a message at
: 703-571-3343 press # 5 and told these folks if they choose
: to use American cities to practice rounding up Americans, I
: am now deploying 25 retired Navy SEAL, DELTA and Rangers
: into the Capital to practice "stuff" too. If they
: can practice we can practice. Lastly I called Governor
: Scott and let him know what was going on and to remind him
: of his authority to implement a militia to protect the
: citizens from a federal Martial Law attempt.
: Operation Tyranny Response
: 25 highly trained retired military special operations folks
: who have vowed not to shoot on American citizens will go to
: Washington DC on tourist visa's visiting the formerly
: Communist controlled Capital building. That is all I will
: say on that.
: They will wander around and be tourists. They may pop in and
: visit a few Congressman or maybe they won't. Or, maybe they
: will. The 1st Amendment is about to be exercised. Body cams
: in place.
: They practice we practice. We all practice. They visit us. We
: visit them.
: Senior Chief Geoff Ross
: United States Navy Retired
: Navarre Florida
: Santa Rosa County Militia
: more at link:

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