Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thanks 86! A dim light shines in the darkness.

86 says, “the natives are getting restless, or even the dimmest bulb eventually shines.”
Ah, yes, as so many have commented to this site eventually the penny drops. They like the folksy feel of RMN but those gosh, darned inconvenient facts are just hard to reject – eventually. This is sort of analogous to the little rats popped into the cage with the python. Their little friends keep disappearing but the last little rat is still wondering what happened until....gulp.

Date: Sunday, 31-May-2015 17:24:18
In Response To: Help! (Rayelan)
(Thanks, R. :)
Reader R. writes, in response to a post made on Thursday:
Re: ...about Rayelan...
Hobie, many of us love this site. I've donated $20 twice in last 6 months here. It seems like every other week is a financial crisis of some sort. Trying hard to not be unsympathetic, but it seems like a sing-song of woe every month. If every one gave $5 one month, I think whatever problem there is would be easily solved for a while at least. Just saying, people need to ante up a tiny bit.

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