Thursday, May 28, 2015

Agent 86 says, "Cry her a River."

Thanks Agent 86 – Now, right now, you who would actually donate to this intolerable whiner, need to demand she put her bank account up on line, sans the identifiers, of course. Also her credit card receipts and paypal receipt so you can see what she really spends her only on.
Do it. She will stop whining and the silence will be so lovely – you cannot imagine.
I would wonder how Jim Heath stood it but he is so unlike a real person I guess it makes a kind of sense. Did I ever mention his sole hero and exemplar is Martha Stewart?
I need your help now more than ever (views: 116)
Rayelan -- Thursday, 28-May-2015 13:50:33

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Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 28-May-2015 13:50:33
I am currently overdrawn by (minus) $1,391.42
My VA Benefits deposited on the 1st will be $1,254.19. Even with the deposit of $1254, I will still be overdrawn by $137.00.
This much has been donated this month: $4,345
Our Goal for May is $5500.00
We still have $1155.00 to go to reach the goal of $5500.00... We have to make this goal because if we don't all of my Veterans Benefits will be used up paying off the overdrafts.
If we bring in $1155.00 that plus my VA Benefits will clear the overdraft balance.
Reader Donations $1155.00
    VA Benefits $1254.00

Minus overdrafts $1,391.42 = $1018
Minus $750.00 Rent = $268.00
The server has to be paid... $400.00
I need to give the electric company at least $400.00 of the $2200.00 balance
I need to catch up on my phone bill to have it turned back on... $200.00
The server, the electric and the phone come to $1,000.00 minus the $268.00 that will be left over after reader donations and my VA Benefits leaves me with another $732.00 tp pay to keep the lights and phone on.
If you missed the post about how the electric bill got so high here's the link...
Instead of raising $5500.00 this month, the new total is $6500.00.
I need your help now more than ever.
I thank you for all your help and support over these 19 years.
06.06.96 to 06.06.15... 19 years
Many Blessings to All,


  1. I would love to see the utility bills, minus the account number. Also you would think a person that has been in business all these years would know what is due when. If you can't manage your accounts, maybe look into finding someone who can? One day these people will have to meet their maker and May the Lord have mercy on their souls!

  2. Anon - She can cry all she wants but when the bell tolls no mercy will be left.

  3. Funny, she can suddenly perform third grade level arithmetic. $6500? I hope she finally impales herself by her own greedy petard.

    1. It must be because she is sooooo special. You know, sskids, she slept with Gunther Russbacher once or twice and then ran off when he was arrested for fraud in Austria. That is Raye, she stuck by her man. I wonder if she put up a memorial for him, and Dr. Dyer and Major Kooker so they could look at each other, the way she did on Bunker Hill?

      Did you know that operatives and assets, which is what Gunther was, if he had any connection to the CIA at all, are paid in cash? It takes millions of dollars a month to keep the CIA and other covert agencies going. I wonder why, it Raye is sooooo special she is forced to beg for money from people who quite likely have much less than she does.