Monday, June 1, 2015

And 86 says......

"...I am going to vomit."
Sorry 86,  these sudden shocks are tough on the stomach, we all know.  

 And if some sad soul had actually meant this we all would feel the same way.  However, Paul, we all know, refers to Paul Wolfowitz, the NeoCon Creep who is exactly the kind of person who has no morals or ethics and knew Raye when she was about 32 sizes smaller.  Ah, lust, this is as close to the real thing as either of them will ever get. 

And Raye just looooved Bush W. too.

From the wiki -  "He (Wolfowitz) is a leading neoconservative.[4] As Deputy Secretary of Defense, he was "a major architect of President Bush's Iraq policy and ... its most hawkish advocate."

Almost as much as she loved Paul Raye loves death.  Her fixation on the CIA speaks of a love of raw power, no matter how vicious or illegal. 

Wolfie Remembers when Raye was HOT - But now - She is NOT
Maybe $400 was what he gave her each time for services, what do you think, Agent 86?  Wolfie was the most eager to rain death on millions, including women and small children.  He can't be emotionally normal, either.  No NeoCon is normal. 

Hereeee's Wolfie!
Anonymous gave $400
Thanks so much Raylean for all you efforts for humanity through the years. I've learned so many things, and I aspire to help the world in some way like you have. Thanks so, Paul
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  1. Seems our "dim-wit" has been identified. Can't believe the rubes don't get that "Rayelan, Queen of Ashtabula" and author of the exciting "The Woes-begone Chonicle" realize she's raking in what now, $6000 a month tax free? How much are the rubes bringing home? Seems like the State's Attorney General might need a call...

    1. And, Anon, it will never be enough now. She is incapable of turning of the spending. But It is also very possible this is shill action carried out with the cache of funds she has always had in reserve. Despite what she says she is very secretive and gloated about her multiple accounts. And I already sent the info to all authorities.

  2. It is a real shame the IRS does not look into Rayelan's tax filings or non filings as the case may be. Did you know the IRS does not recognize an identity of LLC? So if she did incorporate she would need to file as either a regular C corporation or as a sub chapter S corporation. Intermingling funds is not allowed and she would be required to pay a salary to herself complete with payroll tax with holdings, quarterly payroll tax reports and annual W2's. There are a multitude of t's to cross and i's to dot. So more likely, she is still a sole proprietor for IRS tax purposes. You know she could not have filed anything remotely correct when she can't even balance her checkbook or remember to pay her bills.

    On the other hand, if they did look into it, she would use it as a fund raising tool, claiming that they are targeting her for the all the "truths" she is exposing, when all she ever does is lie and demand ever more amounts of money for doing nothing.

    1. Of course she would, sskids! You are soooo right. And she will, because that is coming. I think she has depended on the CIA ensuring she is never audited. But how useful is she to them at this point? They dump operatives and assets when doing so serves their best interest. If I had not already been a target for disposal because of the Saddam revelation they might have dumped her this time.

  3. Oh my eyes, you just can't un-see things ya know!

    1. That is so true. But Raye and Wolfie deserve each other, they really do.

  4. Surprise,, surprise. Didn't know if you had seen it as I almost missed it...
    Thank you ALL for the Most Welcome Donations During My Move!!

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 2-Jun-2015 12:45:24

    We got everything paid for including $650.00 of the $750.00 rent that is due in three days.

    If any of you have ever moved... (and who hasn't), can you remember the chaos of having everything in boxes and not being able to find what you need to do the job?

    That's where I am right now. My living room and basement and one of the pods are still piled high with boxes. As I have been unpacking things that I haven't seen in a while, I realize that I have a good start for an ebay store.

    I collect dishes, pots and pans and small pieces of furniture from the depression era. That's what I grew up with and when I find something that is similar or exactly what we had in our home, I am overjoyed for a day or so. Those are the dishes that I am looking for in the hundreds of boxes that fill my basement.

    This house has a dining room that used to be the back screened in porch. It runs the entire length of the house. It has windows on two sides and is bright and airy and is my favorite room in the house... besides the two bathrooms that are both big enough to put beds in them. I have never seen such big bathrooms. I have a table and two chairs in mine. For putting on makeup... not for serving dinner!!

    The kitchen is like most kitchens... too small with inadequate storage. But the dining room makes up for it. There is also a kitchen nook where I have a large old maple hutch, a baker's rack and two of those enamel tables from the fifties. I'm only going to be able to use one, but they are so hard to come by that I don't want to sell the other. Once I get all the boxes and bookcases out of the living room, maybe I'll put one in the corner. I hate to admit it, but I still eat dinner in from of the television. It's the only time I can catch up on the news and what the MSM is trying to sell us on for the day.

    You have all made the move so much easier because of your donations. I went through all of my own money paying the movers and buying odds and ends that I didn't know I needed until I didn't have them.

    I need a hundred more to pay the rent and then I am going to have to pay something on the $2200.00 electric bill. My phones were turned off for non payment. I find that I do just fine with no phone so it will be a while before I bother to have it turned back on. I am using Skype to make the important calls and I think I will actually by the skype phone so I can answer it anywhere in the house and not just at my computer. If anyone is using Skype phones, let me know what you think of them.

    My dog Max is barking at something. Either there is someone at the front door or he has a mouse "treed". I'd better check.

    More later...

    donations, ha! It always sounds like coercion to me. ~dmh

    1. It is like this, dmh. Raye has turned drama and lies about her life into a reliable source of income. She improved her living conditions, moved insane piles of junk which will not sell because people are deferring purchases because they are paying attention to what is happening economically all over the country while she is not. Raye lives in an unreality zone where disaster is a fundraising device and entirely unrelated to reality. The suckers keep paying because they are emotionally normal, feeling compassion for someone who deserves nothing from them. But psychopaths always fall off the cliff - eventually - because they cannot recognize reality until they hit the rocks at the bottom.