Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Agent 86 Commented, "Hobie's daily droppings-no story this time"

Agent 86 found us a short but sour plea from Jeff Gordon - Hobie, in whose bosom hope, as always springs eternal.
Interpretation:  "Yes, yes, give us money because how else can we continue to scam you? "

 And that was, of course, my point.  Giving them money becomes a continuous moral hazard for Jeff and Raye.  It is like pouring a drink for an alcoholic. 

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hobie -- Wednesday, 23-Sep-2015 05:10:00


  1. I wonder if Rayelan will slosh her way through sleet and snow to the public library in order to feed the rubes of RumorSwillSnooze
    another outlandish and unbelievable tale of financial incompetence and woe that will require them to send money now. What could it be?

  2. Weather Report for Ashtabula:

    About 50,900 results (0.42 seconds)
    Search Results

    Ashtabula, OH 44004
    Wednesday 5:00 PM
    Sunny 72 Degrees.

    She should have moved walking distance from the Library.

  3. My prediction for what will occur as we get closer to the end of the month is this.

    Raye will say she has had to forego the payment to the electric company, or her landlord, or her jeep.... All of which we know are paid up. In doing so her generous spirit has allowed RMN to keep running for another month... BUT you must contribute now because otherwise I will be homeless, powerless (which is alleged to be happening now) or without car (doesn't she have two)

    I predict this sort of plea to occur sometime between the 27th(ish) to the end of the month.

    She will say she has had to pay it herself creating the money from nowhere *Cough Campground Cough* and needs the money now more then ever. Oh wait. Perhaps I am not the psychic detective I thought I was, just a casual observer of fact and behavior?

    No wait I prefer psychic lets choose that one :-)


    1. Hey, J! I'm not going to let you have all the fun. I am now donning my Psychic Crown, from which dangle crystals and silver stars. I close my eyes and focus on the future. Yes, I see it.

      Raye is going to be beset with the worst Meniere's attack of her life. She fell down struggling to drive to the Library so her devoted fans could refill her bank account as they cried with horror and anguish at the disjointed email she had finally been able to write when she fell into the chair in front of one of the row of computers.

      Her pain was agonizing but despite it all key by key she managed to convey to her Readers the degree of pain she is experiencing and her need. Having finished sending this to Jeff-Hobie she struggles up from the chair and makes her way out of the Library.

      But all is not well. Raye forgot that on the way to the Library she ran over a school Crossing Guard and would have been further delayed except the crossing guard forgave her because she was in such obvious pain and because she is a devoted fan of RMN who never imagined she would have the honor and privilege of actually meeting Rayelan the Magnificent.

      Raye would have called an ambulance for her because the Guard was so firmly wedged under the Jeep Raye could not drive the rest of the way to the Library. Instead, she had to limp there, which took ten minutes. But her devoted fan, the Crossing Guard, urged her to go on only asking Rayelan to autograph her copy of Princess of Obergon, which Rayelan would have done except the Guard mentioned she paid one cent for it on Amazon and not bought it new from her.

      Returning to the scene of the mishap with her Jeep, right in front of the local school, she discovered the Crossing Guard had died of her injuries. The police man who had been called was not a fan and so Rayelan was arrested for leaving the scene of the crime.

      After Rayelan was booked she made her one call to Jeff Gordon from the police station and he enlarged on the ensuring crisis.

      Although Rayelan told the police the Crossing Guard had forgiven her because the Guard was such a great fan for some reason they did not buy it. And, of course, there were the three six year olds who were also found under the Jeep. But of course it wasn't Raye's fault. It was an accident and she was in such pain she was not responsible for what had happened.

      Rayelan persuaded Jeff to contact her attorney and the attorney suggested they sue the school district, the families of the Crossing Guard and the children. Why were the children allowed to go to school? Clearly, the parents were at fault.

      Angel and the Violent Handyman actually made bail for Raye by mortgaging half of the cache of gold she keeps under her bed and brought her home, finally. The other half they kept as their fee. But the attack of the Meniere's continues and she needs her beloved Readers more than ever.

      Money Widget
      Fill It Up

      Jeff-Hobie sent Rayelan a billion dollars in Iraqi Dinar and changed his email address. Max and Tobie have changed their names and moved to Korea.

      And that is the prediction.

    2. You will receive bill for the damage done to my tie this morning while reading your response. The cackle I released when I read this got me suspicious looks here in my morning coffee spot.

      ( I kid of course )


    3. So glad you enjoyed it, J! More predictive adventures will be forthcoming.