Saturday, September 26, 2015

And the Whining and Lying continue to flow

Anonymous sent this post by Rayelan the Unready for Reality, just after the comment I posted about finding someone to drive by her house and see if the electricity was on appeared.  Let's think about this.  

She claimed she only had internet access at the Library, some distance from her home on the old Dairy Farm. Then the miracle happened.  She has Internet through the phone company (phone on) and electricity, without which the phone and internet would not have been working.

Readers have been constantly 'updated' on Rayelan's multiple reasons for needing their money to support her reposting disinformation site.  Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zap - Zapper takes care of this for her when she is busy with some other scam. 

Why do you think you need this woman to get reliable information to you?  Want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?  

Now Readers are supposed to worry about her health - again and are expected to enjoy hearing about her dogs, the ones who chew up the mail which disappearance she blames of someone stealing it.  

And Jim is now back in the picture.  The two of them are attending church together.

But it really hurts to sit in the special chair (Note I never saw a special chair of any description and she happily plumped herself down in several different ones used in front of various computers.  Also leaped out sharply when leaving for shopping. 

What you noticed was how her corset creaked when this happen and how the chair groaned.  But when motivated Rayelan could move really, really fast.  The claims of being some kind of an invalid are bogus.)

And the dogs probably got her 'paper with the passwords on it,' which she never had before, in my experience.  Look at the confetti on the floor for the signs.  

And how about a whole committee to drop in on her and take a look.  Now, that would be interesting.  

Rayelan's Post below

I think things are almost back to normal in the house. And I hope that our readers will realize how much I need their help right now. on the 1st of the month I need to make a $500.00 payment to the electric company on a $2,000 bill.

I also need to pay the telephone company $275.00 on an overdue $400.00 bill. The phone company is how I get my internet, so that has to be paid asap or I am off the internet again. This bill is the one I am worried about tonight. The phone company wants its money tomorrow!!

I should have taken the time to email you and let you know I need to pay the electric and phone companies or I will be without both again.

None of this is on top of the money that I need every month to keep going. The RMN office is in my home. Without my paying my electric bill, the RMN office has no electricity to run their computer. Even though the phone is in my personal name, most of the use is RMN related. IF RMN made enough money to be called a real business, the phone and electricity would be in the RMN name. But I don't make enough from RMN to be considered a real business. My accountant refers to RMN as my "hobby".

I am still in a lot of pain and sitting at a computer on my "computer stool" causes a lot of pain. I bought this stool about 3 years ago because it had been highly rated for people with physical problems who have to sit a lot at a key board. It helped when I got it, but it no longer helps... it seems to make my pain worse.

Sorry I haven't checked in, but with the rats, and the physical problems, I truly have had my hands full for tha last few weeks.

I would have emailed you... but I have misplaced the paper with all my passwords on it... to my earthlink email and to my gmail. SIGH!!! That's why this "email" is being posted in the RR.

I'm gong to bed now... nite nite to all.



  1. Wow, now she has a cell phone after lying for months and saying she did not have one due to non payment. What did she do with the $1200 or $1300 contributed so far? Use it for her spending addictions? She is a lying liar who lies, nothing she says can be believed and the only time she appears at RumorSwillSnooze is to steal some money through deception from the incredibly gullible readers. Time to wise up and demand a scanned copy of the electric and phone bills.

  2. sorry Hobie that I didn't contact you... If I were to say that trying to conduct business in a house with no electricity was impossible, I think you would understand why I haven't contacted you. for most of yesterday I couldn't find my cell phone. It had run out of charge so when I called it, there was no answer. It was truly a miracle that I found it by accident... in my clothes hamper where I threw the pants I had worn.

    The only 'business' Rayelan is conducting is scamming people, demand proof before giving that old grifter a dime.

    1. Ahhh.... the magically resurrected cell phone which was turned off for nonpayment. Another miracle, Rayelan style. Use the miraculous to account for it when you care caught in a lie.

  3. What are the odds that Rayelan will lose her rent money on the way home from the bank?

    1. Depends on equating lose with spent. Likely if she passed by a garage sale. Likely in many specific circumstances. But more likely she is lying again.