Monday, September 7, 2015

Desperation Time rom the Ditz

 Thanks again to Agent 86!  

Raye is looking for another way to milk the unwary.  Having spent all too many dreary hours listening to her yammer I can tell you she is totally clueless and never mentioned any prediction to me which turned out to have any accuracy whatso ever.  Do not hire her as a psychic. 

Additionally, she pays no attention to politics and NEVER has. 

At the time of JFK, Jr's death, July 16, 1999, Hillary was looking at her own political career but she and Bill were looking at debts which would follow them from the White House.  

No, Raye is looking to build herself some kind of new con.  Don't buy it.  

Dream: Hillary Killed in Plane Crash
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 7-Sep-2015 12:05:33
Hillary Killed in Plane Crash from NYC to Martha's Vinyard
What was telling... at least to me... was all of the stories about the crash were almost identical to the stories about the crash of JFK, Jr.'s plane off Martha's Vinyard.
I thought I had written an article about the crash of JFK, Jr's plane, but it seems that I only gave a lecture about it and I guess I never uploaded the lecture to the RMN server.
I don't know if I actually accused Hillary of killing JFK, Jr. in my lecture, but since it appeared that he was getting ready to run for the Senate seat from NY, the one that Hillary wanted and eventually got... all of this seemed to me to point the finger for his murder directly at Hillary.
Now I dream that Hillary dies the same way JFK, Jr. died... in a plane crash off Martha's Vinyard.
Hillary knows that there are people who would gladly sabotage her plane if they knew she was the one who ordered the assassination of JFK, Jr. I know for a fact that the CIA knows Hillary murdered JFK, Jr. Can you imagine how those CIA operatives feel about Hillary?
More later...


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    1. Do you think it was really Jeff-Hobie-Zapper-Zap? We will see, and eventually Raye will be in the NEWS.

  2. I see in today's little diddy Hobie put in the ever essential house guest again. I guess the house guest was always their biggest donation, (sympathy) method, so why not try again with it? House guest brings in the money honey!