Monday, September 21, 2015

What Cut Does Jobie - Jeff Gordon Get from the Iraqi Dinar Scam?

Thanks again, Agent 86, who ironically interprets for Jeff,  " please contribute, as usual Rayelan claims to be in a financial pickle."

Tell Raye to use her own money and move RMN to a free blogger.  Her Disinformation site is still not worth what it is costing.  And let's have another chat about the Family Camp Ground Scam.  From the timing it looks like that was the thing that started this latest, extended Scamfrenzy.     

** Please contribute SOONEST RATHER THAN LATER - 10 days left to raise $2179 (!!) **
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 20-Sep-2015 20:08:54
Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 27 folks who have contributed $821 so far toward RMN's September expenses - and particularly to Reader Ben who gave $1, and the two folks who today have contributed $65 together. :)
Assuming we have a Poofness newsletter this evening, some four or five thousand views of that post will occur in the next few days. If each of those views brought $1, expenses would be easily and quickly covered. If a quarter of those views brought $5 each, likewise, the goal would be reached in no time at all. :)
Past experience suggests we can't count of that, however - it's generally been the case that fewer than ten of those four or five thousand will contribute toward expenses - so that leaves it up to the 80 to 120 fine folks who have faithfully supported RMN, over time.
As you're likely aware, RMN's publisher, Rayelan, is in something of a financial pickle right now. I believe she's been without electricity for several days. Consequently I would ask, "Please contribute SOONEST rather than later," so that situation can be dealt with.
Blessings, all.
NEW: ** Please contribute SOONEST RATHER THAN LATER - 10 days left to raise $2179 (!!) ** (views: 98)
hobie -- Sunday, 20-Sep-2015 20:08:54


  1. Rayelan, ever the scamming liar, used to claim that they required their own expensive server, lest they be shut down and lose all those valuable posts. She also tried to claim it cost $3000 per month, when previously, donations of $300 to $500 were more than enough to cover costs. Angel also peddled the same lies about cost.

    1. Since the CIA, using our money, can afford the very best, I'm sure RMN was hosted very well. For all we know it may still be there unless the dust up about Raye's nastiness caused them, too, to distance themselves. And Angel is likely doing fine, living on the Family Camp Ground with her own friends.

  2. No more "if you're able and would find it fitting" from Hobie Jeff? Desperate times call for desperate measures and lies.

    1. I suspect he dislikes being quoted. Sad little Jeff.