Monday, September 14, 2015

The Whining Jeff Gordon yet again....

Thanks, Agent 86.  Now, when are these scam balls going to up the names of the companies to which, they supposedly are paying money?  Then we could call the companies and find out what they charge for the services ScamBall One and Two claim to need.  The alternative is finding some alternatives to cut their costs.  I have recommended they grab some bloggers and ZERO out their need for Federal Reserve Notes.  

Any other ideas from those who are also tired of the whining ScamBalls?

* Help us out, folks - we're aiming for $1500 by the 15th (which is Tuesday :) *
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Date: Monday, 14-Sep-2015 04:27:58

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the dozen or so fine folks who have contributed $465 toward RMN's September expenses. It's much appreciated. :)
Each month we need about $1000 by the 9th or $1500 by the 15th, to cover important bills that come due around those dates.
That means we're looking for another $1035, Monday or Tuesday.
Please do contribute if you're able and would find it fitting to help keep the lights on here at RMN. :)
Blessings, all.


  1. Post a copy of that perpetual $2000 electric bill, the old keep the lights on excuse for $3000 per month is getting old, tired, worn out and not believable.

    1. And since you think your Readers are responsible for all your bills and problems post your personal information for the health insurance you received via your deceased husband, David Kooker so your Readers will know you pay nothing for health care. And don't forget to post your eating out bills for a month and your grocery bills for a month and your cost of cruising those 'thrift' stores. And also your bill. That should be fun.

  2. I don't know any company that would allow you to run up a $2000 electric bill over months and not disconnect the customer. Therefore, much like Rayelan's life story, it is probably a lie.

  3. Every time a rube donates their hard-earned money, another angel loses her wings.