Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Agent 86 said, "Scammer Raye cannot be serious, where did the $2300 go?"

Thanks, Agent 86!  Yes, a psychopath ignores what happened nanoseconds ago and simply renews their demands for what you already provided.  

Yes, where did the money donated go?  Some of it was not immediately returned to the chummers who agreed to cycle it through, certainly.  

What is the name of the 'server man?'  Notice no name is ever provided because if you know you might check and poof, there would go any chance of conning you.  

And don't think for a moment selling her 'stuff' in ebay will bring in money.  People with any sense are now reserving funds for what is coming.   

Keep your money in your pocket and let Raye go dark.  It is better for everyone. 


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
If you come to RMN and it's gone, you will know it's because I had no money to pay the server
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Sep-2015 15:41:29
We have the best server and the man who owns the server-farm is a friend who helps out in every way possible. But I still need to pay him. I owe him $400.00.
I also need almost $300.00 to keep my phone and internet connection.
These are the usual bills. Thank God I already paid the Electric... but sadly, the first is coming soon and they will want another $400.00. (Big Sigh)
I don't know how long our server will be active if I don't pay the owner at least $400.00 today.
I already talked the phone/internet people into giving me more time to raise their money.
Without your help right now, RMN may go dark because I couldn't pay the $400.00 to the server. If you come to RMN and it's gone, you will know it's because I had no money to pay the server.
I am going to start an ebay store to put an end to the RMN money problems. But that will take me away from RMN almost permanently.
If anyone has any idea of how to pay the $400.00 server each month and the rest of the bills associated with RMN, please let me know.
I thank the 71 incredible people who have given $2,300.00. But there are still more bills that need to be paid. If you can afford to send some money our direction, we will be exdtrememly greatful.

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