Monday, September 28, 2015

The Dairy Farm Trauma Continues - Say Moo!

Thanks Agent 86, whose comment was, "More bs from our sociopath publisher, what did you do with the $2000 already donated?"

It is appropriate to call her a publisher since she does nothing but beg for money?  Publishers traditionally had more varied roles in the business.  Of course, she does not know how to do anything but beg.  Don't overlook the last post here which is a real killer.  Agent 86 brought it home.  

It really is appropriate she moved to a dairy farm since her entire focus is milking Readers of their hard earned cash.  Say Moo for me!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Your help is urgently requested
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 28-Sep-2015 12:54:14
Help!! My internet will be shut off tomorrow if I don't pay the phone company $275.00 today. That's just part of what I owe them.
On the first I will need to make at least a $400.00 payment on the $2,000 electric bill that was run up by my painter and his girlfriend while they stayed here painting and repairing the house... for 4 months... in the winter. I am on shaky grounds with my electric company and if I don't pay them what they demand they will shut off the electric even though they know I need an oxygen machine to sleep at night and the oxygen machine needs electricity.
Every month I ask for $3,000 to pay the monthly bills. The fundrazr widget says $2,000 has come in... if you could possibly help me get the widget up to $3,000 asap I would truly appreciate it. That will mean I will be able to keep the phones, internet and electricity on for one more month!! And I will be able to repurchase the $30.00 worth of locks that I bought yesterday to lock up my outbuildings so that no more of my stuff is stolen. When even the locks that were bought to keep my things from being stolen are stolen, you have to wonder how safe living in the country really is.
Thank you so much for your continued support of me and RMN!!


  1. Scammer Rayelan is a 'publisher' just like she is an 'English teacher', a 'college graduate' and an 'ordained minister'. Irony of ironies, Rayelan claims her ill gotten gains are being stolen, she really likes to accuse others of doing what she herself does, namely steal. I do hope Rayelan enjoys wallowing in her mountainous piles of ill gotten gains and dog shit as the case may be, I am sure her landlord will appreciate Rayelan moving her hoard to her property.

    1. sskids, they call it projection. In Raye's case also a lack of originality. I wonder where she got the idea for the Obergon Chronicles. We should look at juvenile books in circulation when she was around 12.