Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh, ironies of ironies - And the Blanding of RMN

Thanks Agent 86, who comments, "Dramatic Hobie droppings, recycled lies, Tesla misdirect and it is not unusual to not hear from Raye for several days. She is busy with her shopping addiction and only checks in when a beg is in order."

Rayelan said her electricity was turned off.  What proof do you have this is true?  No notice has been supplied, no documentation of the facts.  This is consistent with the way RMN is run.  No proof and no explanations for the wide divergence between what is normal and what Rayelan claims happens is supplied.  Every bill from her electric company comes with a turn off notice as part of the template.  

She could have chosen to receive these via email.  This option is always available and easy to begin.  

So why the endless claims her bills were being stolen?  These were lies.  

Rayelan's office was characterized by piles of unopened correspondence of all kinds.  I strongly doubt that has changed.  The dogs routinely used these for chew toys, the confetti covering the floor with little effort made to clean it up, open and process the mail, or change their behavior.  

Mail she did not want to open could also be left outside, apparently in hopes it would disappear.  Rayelan's Mail In The Snow.

Is Rayelan's behavior bizarre by your standards?  It was by mine.  Psychopaths engage in behavior which does not make sense to normal people - but when you pull back and see the whole picture the pieces fall into place.  
All psychopaths seek chaos because in chaos they operate best to their own advantage. 

This is why you need to demand proof of every assertion.  


Note that Tesla was a genius who was taken advantage of by a corporate interest.  RMN is a NWO disinformation site, making his comment ironic.  Raye could have purchased solar panels and owned them by now.  She chose not to do so because she enjoys the drama. 

Will she show up again?  Doubtless.  And it will likely be another rerun because her imagination is limited.  

  • NEW: ** PLEASE CONTRIBUTE / I haven't heard from Rayelan in several days ** (views: 66)
    hobie -- Friday, 25-Sep-2015 05:13:17
  • ** PLEASE CONTRIBUTE / I haven't heard from Rayelan in several days **
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 25-Sep-2015 05:13:17
    Hi, Folks -
    Many thanks to the 37 fine folks besides me :) who have contributed $1198 toward RMN's September expenses.
    It's been several days since I've heard from Rayelan, hopefully she'll pop up today either here in the Reading Room or in e-mail. You'll remember her electricity was shut off and the power company was requiring a hefty sum to turn it back on again. As far as I know her electricity is still off at this time. Imagine how different our lives might be today if J.P. Morgan had had a change of heart and funded Nikola Tesla's project to supply free electricity to the world. Instead, I expect all of us have watched as the billing rates for electricity have slowly climbed and climbed and climbed.
    This short month of September is coming to a close soon, and we're $1802 shy of our goal of $3000 at time of this posting.
    Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
    Blessings, all.


    1. Which is the most disturbing to Grifter Rayelan, "The rubes don't care that I am sitting in the dark and freezing cold, or, the rubes do not believe my lies anymore"?

      I am going with number two.

      1. Given the present weather conditions out on the Dairy Farm it would have to be No. 2. I wonder how many of them do really care? We should arrange to have some of them drop in on her.

    2. A real shame we haven't anyone to do a drive by in the evening, it is probably lit up like a billboard. The readers really should be emailing Hobie and asking for proof of any claims made by Rayelan the grifter, especially the one about her electricity being off.

      1. Perhaps we do have such an individual. I'll see.

    3. Yo Hobie!!

      Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Friday, 25-Sep-2015 22:13:44

      I'm home and finally in a house with electricity. I had to get my doctor involved because of my various physical problems, including a breathing machine I have to use at night... and so rather than being responsible for my death, the electric company decided to leave the electricity on for a while... it does not mean that they will leave it on forever without the $2,000+ bill being paid.

      The move to this house in the country has been financial disaster for me. There's one thing after another that I am forced to buy or pay for. I really like being in the country so I am taking deep breaths and keeping my nose to the grindstone to get things done... things that will eventually help RMN, not just me.

      As you know, I've been having some really horrible bouts of pain that has seen me in the ER two nights in a row. The ER doctor who was on duty last night, has a friend who has had good success treating patients with my problem. The ER doc said he was going to try to get me an appointment with him asap. This morning at 8am I received a phone call from the doctor near Cleveland asking if I could make a 10am appt. The ER doctor called him last night to see if he could see me. I drove up today.

      After describing my problem to him and letting him know that if I miss one of my pills my pain is so excruciating that I can't walk, sometimes can't stand and always have to fight to keep from screaming in pain.

      He asked a number of questions including needing to know all the things I am allergic to. He took blood tests and an exray of my right hip. My right leg is the one I have the most problems with. When he felt my right hip he seemed to think that something was strange about my right hip.

      More xrays and blood tests followed.... and a referral to a neurologist. Evidently some people with this problem have no physical damage at the site where they experience pain... it's in the brain.

      That's where I have been all day...

      sorry Hobie that I didn't contact you... If I were to say that trying to conduct business in a house with no electricity was impossible, I think you would understand why I haven't contacted you. for most of yesterday I couldn't find my cell phone. It had run out of charge so when I called it, there was no answer. It was truly a miracle that I found it by accident... in my clothes hamper where I threw the pants I had worn.

      My landline still works and I was going to call you... but rat-ridding has taken up so much of my time that the entire day, yesterday... flew by without my doing anything but clean up after rats and do what I can to get them out of my house. It's a good thing my two dogs are rat terriers... they have caught and killed three rats in that last 36 hours.

      1. Well, she left out the good stuff, like the crossing guard and the three kids but I certainly got the flavor of the whine. But the dogs are not yet fed up and on their way to Korea - yet.

    4. I think things are almost back to normal in the house. And I hope that our readers will realize how much I need their help right now. on the 1st of the month I need to make a $500.00 payment to the electric company on a $2,000 bill.

      I also need to pay the telephone company $275.00 on an overdue $400.00 bill. The phone company is how I get my internet, so that has to be paid asap or I am off the internet again. This bill is the one I am worried about tonight. The phone company wants its money tomorrow!!

      I should have taken the time to email you and let you know I need to pay the electric and phone companies or I will be without both again.

      None of this is on top of the money that I need every month to keep going. The RMN office is in my home. Without my paying my electric bill, the RMN office has no electricity to run their computer. Even though the phone is in my personal name, most of the use is RMN related. IF RMN made enough money to be called a real business, the phone and electricity would be in the RMN name. But I don't make enough from RMN to be considered a real business. My accountant refers to RMN as my "hobby".

      I am still in a lot of pain and sitting at a computer on my "computer stool" causes a lot of pain. I bought this stool about 3 years ago because it had been highly rated for people with physical problems who have to sit a lot at a key board. It helped when I got it, but it no longer helps... it seems to make my pain worse.

      Sorry I haven't checked in, but with the rats, and the physical problems, I truly have had my hands full for tha last few weeks.

      I would have emailed you... but I have misplaced the paper with all my passwords on it... to my earthlink email and to my gmail. SIGH!!! That's why this "email" is being posted in the RR.

      I'm gong to bed now... nite nite to all.


    5. Isn't it amazing how you said you would try to have someone check to see if she had power to the house, then all of a sudden she reports that she got power back. Lol, guess she had to put that out there before a picture was taken that proved shes a liar.

    6. Rayelan is allergic to truth and honest work, I could have saved her physician the trouble. For instance those cute little mice have morphed into vicious rats, and for some reason her dogs always kill them three at a time.

      1. Anything like work requires getting it finished. One of her previous workers, the one who put down the tile in the Bunker Hill house, said she had him leave it half done and go on to something else. They were there to trip over when I arrived a year later. The mice - rats is more recycling, I think. She just tells the story over again and again because she thinks it is cute. Arthur commented the other day how creeped out he still is over her story from a past life. She told it over dinner, when it was still possible to eat at the table, so this was early.
        She recalled having remembered being an armed thug during the Dark Ages. They would capture people and tie them to the back of the wagon to carry with them. When they got hungry they would put on a tourniquet and cut off a limb for a meal and cook and eat it while the 'donor' watched in agony.

        The creepiest thing was the light of absolute pleasure and delight on her face as she recounted their reactions to this kind of slow death. When Arthur repressed revulsion she shrugged and said everyone did that. Certainly not true. But inside that facade you see that is who Raye really is.

    7. Hey!!! Raye made glass for the great gothic cathedrals of Europe in a previous lifetime. know something about glass so I was disappointed that she didn't include recipes for the beautiful cathedral glass. Does Raye believe this stuff.? Is she that unhinged?Please send money. Her dogs require psychiatric care.

      1. I.G., in this life she has not a whit of talent for doing anything, Thanks for commenting. I don't think she believes it because that kind of skill will show itself someplace. When I was there she whined about her inability to arrange flowers and she certainly could not arrange furniture with any skill. Yes, send money to the SPCA and have the dogs rehomed.

    8. Hey!!! Raye made glass for the great gothic cathedrals of Europe in a previous lifetime. know something about glass so I was disappointed that she didn't include recipes for the beautiful cathedral glass. Does Raye believe this stuff.? Is she that unhinged?Please send money. Her dogs require psychiatric care.