Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chumming the Toxic Waters of Rumor Mill News - Disinformation and Scams, Inc.

Agent 86 sent this on to me just moments ago......Thanks Agent 86!  "Hobie's Sunday droppings, imaginary bills, eternal greed and some full moon deflection."

Psychopaths are, by their nature, not able to use the extended consciousness of which sensing others emphatically is a part.  Their focus is feeding.  Those who sell services as psychics depend solely on research in advance and generalizations.

This is probably mostly chumming the waters to nudge the most credulous among the Readers to plonk in a few bucks.  If they let the take become too low for too long they will not be able to move it back up. 

Ask for the bills.  It is likely someone has but it was removed with the speed of light and the commenter expelled from ScamLand.    


Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 53 fine folks who have contributed $1456 so far toward RMN's September expenses. :)
The 'energies' are unusual right now - can you feel it? I can - perhaps to do with the full lunar eclipse that happens tonight. Kinda make me wanna crawl back into bed. :)
But there are things to be done, and bills to be paid, and (of course) more bills coming soon. RMN and its publisher Rayelan Allan really do need and appreciate your support.
Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.


  1. If the readers want to see the bills, they would have to email Hobie and he will promptly ignore delete any such email. No dissent allowed.

    1. Yes, all too true. But by doing so they necessarily lose that Reader. Their top down and we delete you if you deviate from the True Religion approach becomes ever clearer to Readers who at first hesitate to question and then do ask and are deleted and those who just leave. It is like the mice in the box with the python. They just disappear and the rest of the mice wonder what happened.

      How many of the old faithful "Agents" are still around?

  2. Rayelan claims "We have over 100 Independent RMNews Agents who find and report news around the globe.' which is just another lie.

    1. Thanks sskids! You have to laugh at this kind of bogus claim. But Raye is used to making bogus claims. It used to work. No more.