Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jeff Gordon (Hobie-Zap-Zapper) And the Magic of Money

Thanks, Agent 86, who commented, "Magical Hobie Droppings, works for scammers?"

The really magical thing we see demonstrated here is the unsupportable assertion that, while they lied every other time, the letter below reflects a real life event and was not written in a moment of creative desperation, by Jeff Gordon of Atlanta.  Is Oliver yet another pseudonym for the always eager to squeeze you dry Jeff - or did another of their scammer friends write the letter? Does it matter? 

Since Jeff is no longer trusted he is dragging in a supposed stranger who he hopes will have more credibility. 

In addition, another update from our staunch  supporter of fact, Agent 86 reads, "Back when grifter Rayelan lived in Watsonville she ran a similar scam by telling readers that if the readers would tithe 10% to grifter Raye, oops RumorSwillSnooze, the readers would receive their 10% back ten fold.   Liar Rayelan swore that it worked by saying she gave a few dollars in spare change to a homeless person outside the post office(big lie, she never gives anything) and lo and behold their was money sent by readers in the PO Box.   Some miracle eh?
The scam was evidently not particularly lucrative because it only lasted a few weeks and she gave up."

Miracles can happen.  I have seen them.  But miracles don't ask you to send money.  They just happen, asking nothing in return.  

Reader: "Money is a weird phenomenon, it follows intention, it ALWAYS does."
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Date: Sunday, 27-Sep-2015 02:14:01
(Thanks, O. :)
Reader Oliver writes:
Money is a weird phenomenon, it follows intention, it ALWAYS does.


Many - many years ago, when I was running my own business, I ran
into a financial pickle. The rent was due and the next day was
payday for my staff, while my bank account was at zero. I quickly
needed close to about $10,000 to meet payroll and rent.

Since I have been a practitioner of the LoA since 1962 and was at
the end of my wits, I phoned my LoA tutor and asked for advice.

His response was, what were you doing when money was coming in ?

So I told him.

His only response was: START.

I said, you don't understand, it is 10PM and payday is tomorrow.

He said: START.

Well, the long and short of the story was, I started contacting
people and none was overly receptive at that time of the night. By
midnight, I called it quits.....

To my complete surprise, the next morning people (total strangers !)
started walking through the door and putting money on my desk. By
lunch time I had sold AND COLLECTED more than $11,000, enough to pay
the rent and meet payroll.

This is when I fully grasped that intention is cause.
If you intent for it to happen it will happen, but only if you truly
intent for it to happen. Unless somebody is standing on your brakes
so hard that you can smell the smoke.



  1. The above is just about as real as the Dinar rv

    1. Oh, sskids, do we not give come tiny credit for consistency? Everything they do is either a scam or positioning to get the Rubes to trust them.

  2. LoA=law of attraction, why is it Hobie and Rayelan have not be scammed penniless by now? Rayelan has scammed herself with her shopping addiction, but that is not quite the same thing.

    1. With psychopaths there is always the gluttony issue and the inability to really think out long term consequences while controlled by short term appetites.

      Raye grew up dirt poor. Having things, lots of things, therefore became an addiction. She can't move past this but comes up with rationalizations for hauling around stuff which feeds her earliest perception of being white trash. I was mind boggled when she started calling her 'finds' from garage sales and thrift shops heirlooms. She is building a facade for her self and also for others.

      Acquiring an upper class English accent accidentally provided her with cover which she has leaned on all of her life.

      Raye had help from her former employers. But they may have distanced themselves from her now. And the scams we can see are not working - but remember the indications that she was looking for other scams accepting money orders and cash. In this way she was not created a traceable record of her income. To evade that she may now have gotten a second PO Box.

      Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zap - Zapper could have any number of other scams keeping him in cash. I suppose the only way we will find out is when he is finally investigated by some serious agency with clout.

  3. The LoA only works correctly if the intent is pure and without consequence. Willingly and knowingly conning people out of their money by creating falsehoods will in turn create a negative space.

    You reap what you sow. Thank goodness that the harvest has begun for these two SCAMMERS

    Light and love to you and yours Melinda.


    1. Thanks for the comment, J. Well said. Light, love, and liberty to you and yours, too. - Melinda