Friday, September 18, 2015

Thanks Agent 86! Hobie keeps trying everything but providing facts and truth.

I strongly suggest you read how disinformation agents working with the CIA and other alphabet agencies work to destroy the reputation of people who are inconvenient for them.

That was Raye's job in relation to me. That is why she enticed me to Ohio. She was paid.

Who is Rayelan?

Raye's entire background is murky to the extreme. Read the biographical sketch I compiled from existing documents. She self reports as a low level operative for various covert government agencies from the time she graduated High School in Crow's Landing, California.
The death of her second husband, who she claims as her first, Dr. John Dyer, has the appearance of planting her to be useful to the powers that be. Do not accept any unsupported statement from anyone, including me. I will provide documentation, and always have.

I also invite you to find out who I am.

My oldest blog, started in 2005, is How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.
I'm the one who outed Ronald Reagan as a NeoCon hire. I outed William Buckley, Jr. as the operative who worked to change the honored meaning of the word, “Conservative.”
There are nearly 300 articles, all written and researched by me, on just that site alone.
My father, one of the first men to serve on the EPA, then Director of the Water Resources Center for the University System of California, working without pay. Ensuring clean was was one of his life's passions, along with preserving the environment. He learned this from his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury.

The NeoCons went after me, targeted me, because I was too naive to realize what I was seeing in 2002 was treason.
Instead of remaining silence I tried to ensure Americans found out about the role of the Clintons and the Bush White House in keeping Saddam Hussein in Iraq so the invasion could continue.
The story still scares even the alternative media. But I have never stopped trying. The Bush NeoCons, and the Clintons, are guilty of treason and murder.

Read the above linked article to understand why RMN's Reading Room is the way it is :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 18-Sep-2015 02:51:54
Hi, Folks -
: Leaked documents reveal government blueprint for destroying
: online reputations through elaborate smear campaigns
The linked article in the above post discusses how government "trolls" are sent forth into cyberspace to control and alter the nature of discourse and in some cases to discredit individuals by a number of informational techniques.
When Rumor Mill News first came online, it was a place where everyone was free to post and join in the discussion. Here's a portion of what Agents read and agree to on becoming Agents:
In the past, Rumor Mill News has caused tremendous grief and heartache to certain people. As a result of this, members of their "family", both bloodline and payroll, have made it their business to see that Rumor Mill News is discredited and disrupted as much as possible. Rumor Mill News has been consistently attacked by:
"Vacuum Cleaners" a euphemism from the intelligence world that describes people who "befriend" whistle blowers in the guise of reporters, film agents, fellow investigators or concerned friends and supporters; for the sole purpose of bleeding every drop of information they can from a targeted individual. This information is then passed up the line.
"Disinformation Agents" whose purpose it is to sow doubt in an attempt discredit the information being put out by Rumor Mill News.
"Time consumers" whose questions and information are so good that much time is spent walking down roads that lead no where, but are extremely interesting. The purpose of the "time consumer" is to consume so much time that nothing can be written or published.
"Trained psychological Agents" whose purpose is to identify sensitive emotional buttons and press them as often as possible, thereby disabling writers and investigators who have sensitive and painful personal issues. This prevents the writers from doing their work. In some cases, it makes the writer lash out at attackers, and thereby discredit themselves.
All of the above tactics, as well as others, have been used on the Rumor Mill since it was created in June of 1996. The Creators of the Rumor Mill, Gunther Karl Russbacher and Rayelan Allan (Russbacher), were used to these types of attacks since they had been victim to them since 1961 and 1989 respectively.
When the new Rumor Mill News Webpage was put up in September of 1999, a new feature was added The Rumor Mill News Reading Room.
The Reading Room was added for several reasons:
To encourage serious researchers, investigators and whistle blowers to post their information in an arena that is widely read by other researchers and investigators. By sharing our pieces of the puzzle, we can assist each other in exposing the massive conspiracy that threatens us.
To allow Rumor Mill Readers an opportunity to dialogue with RMNews writers, sources and investigators.
To facilitate information delivery from our Sources who are forced to live in the Shadows.
To allow RMNews readers to share news stories and information discovered in other news outlets and arenas.
As a place to read breaking news stories posted by our "agents" from around the World.
Unfortunately, the RMNews Reading Room came under attack by "vacuum cleaners", "disinformation agents", "time consumers", cyber terrorists, and by a new breed of Internet attackers and disruptors, the "Internet graffiti taggers" who filled the Reading Room stupid posts which said nothing, mean nothing and merely took up space on the bulletin board.
RMNews believes these "taggers" are low level government agents because no informed individual who understands the purpose of the Rumor Mill could possibly post such disruptive and stupid nonsense.
It is obvious to all who are connected with the Rumor Mill that the attack which closed down the first Reading Room was orchestrated by groups who would prefer to see the Reading Room permanently closed or discredited. Either these people are on the government payroll, or they are psychologically unbalanced.
This is why the Reading Room today allows posting only by commissioned RMN Agents.

More lies? Maybe no one is writing them.

Readers - our mail server has been blacklisted for some time
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 18-Sep-2015 04:22:34
Hi, Folks -
If you have an e-mail address or an address in one of the several domains controlled by AT&T (e.g.,, we haven't been able to respond to e-mails from you during perhaps the past two months.
The reason is that has us on a blacklist, apparently for spam abuse. There's no one on the RMN server who would be spamming, so somehow they've drawn an incorrect conclusion - but it's notoriously difficult to get removed from an blacklist, something I've been trying to accomplish for several weeks, and as of a few minutes ago, I see the blacklist entry is still in place.
I haven't been ignoring you, just haven't been able to reply to you. :) Sorry for that inconvenience and confusion, but hopefully we'll have things cleared up soon.

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