Monday, September 28, 2015

And Agent 86 sends and says, "Please pay $3 for the Poof horsehit that I copy and paste"

Don't you think Agent 86 has a point?  Poofness does not charge.  What is Hobie-Jeff providing except control to decide what you see?  He and Raye Looooove that control. 


Go there and sign up.  It is a blog and costs nothing to subscribe directly.
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Agent 86 commented on Hobie-Jeff's pitch regarding this specific assertion, "at least 2,000 folks are finding something worthwhile about being able to visit Rumor Mill News," "Interesting supposition from Hobie, it's like admitting there is nothing worthwhile on RMN.   Wait till the Dinar gets revalued, it will be revalued DOWN, I wonder if Hobie believes his own BS and invested in the Dinar?" 

How can anyone with a shred of understanding in economics believe, and bet money, on the idea a war torn country where murder is being systematically carried out against the entire population will suddenly have a surge in the value of its currency?    Hobie-Jeff does not believe this but it was worth a shot to find out if RMN Readers would. 

  • NEW: * Goal for Monday: EACH ONE, CONTRIBUTE $3 * (views: 22)
    hobie -- Monday, 28-Sep-2015 05:04:21

  • * Goal for Monday: EACH ONE, CONTRIBUTE $3 *
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 28-Sep-2015 05:04:21
    Hi, Folks -
    Ponder this with me, folks:
    Last Sunday's Poofness newsletter got over 6,000 views.
    This Sunday's Poofness newsletter has already had over 3,000 views, within just hours of its being posted.
    It would appear, then, that, conservatively, at least 2,000 folks are finding something worthwhile about being able to visit Rumor Mill News.
    Let's suppose that of those 2,000, only 500 can truly afford to contribute financially toward support of RMN.
    Okay. Let's try this, then:
    Everyone who visits RMN today and can afford to do it, please contribute $3.
    It looks like we could easily reach this month's goal if we do that. :)
    It'll be the proverbial "piece o' cake". :)
    Blessings, all.

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