Monday, June 22, 2015

86 says channels Rayelan, the Mutant Whiner with, "deadbeat squatter mice...send money now I have my entourage to pay"

Thanks Agent 86! 

Can you believe this woman trots out her incompetence and expects people who are dealing with real problems and cutting back on everything to pay for her luxuries?  So now she says she threw the electric bills out because she thought they were duplicates?  Do you actually buy that? 

Of course, it is better than claiming I stole them.  Why would I do that - and how?  I was upstairs and her office opened right onto the hallway so she could hear the postman arrive if she was working - not that she did much of that.  It interfered with the delights of garage sales and Goodwill and Salvation Army diving. 

The two people from church (notice how she does not identify who they are so you will think these are new folks?)  are likely Deadly Handyman and Angel.  You could move a mansion in a truck if you took a year to do so.  Remember that Rayelan has been collecting from all of you for a year now for this move and, if she was not moved out she must have been paying the rent on the Bunker Hill place all of this time.  But it would clue you to just how much stuff she had if she said that.

And the cute little micies.  Did she have a proper funeral for each of them?  I am surprised she did not ask Readers to send little wreaths for the obsequies. 

Most of us handle our problems ourselves, without exposing them to the world and whining for sympathy over and over again.  And why?  To keep the congame in motion.  If you donate to this shark you asked for it. 



  1. Pay up Rubes, it costs a minimum of $100 per day to keep the SS Rumorswill ship afloat. That $3000 covers the $400 server bill and Rayelan's wasteful spending on acquiring an ever growing hoard of junk. Rapacious Rayelan has done her part by stiffing the water company.

    1. A hundred a day for a reposting site loaded with grubby ads and funky graphics? What are these people thinking? sskids, what are these people thinking?