Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rayelan's Problems and Profits.

Here is a site from which Rayelan reports a miracle cure, Jurak,  which took care of all the problems she is still whining about today.  I have no idea if the tonic being advertised works for some people.  But it  clearly did not work for Rayelan since every problem she cites as fixed is still being presented to RMN Readers as a problem for which their money is needed so she can survive.  

While I was working for Rayelan and earlier she would occasionally call in an attempt to get me to buy something, usually expensive, which she said had solved some problem.  But it was clear this was never true.  

Rayelan is very overweight and at least looks her age.  Here is a photo from 2013.

This pattern for promoting cures which have to discernible effect could be a need for attention or stem from the discovery it is a fast way to jump start a MLM income stream.  But if you are going to deal with Rayelan, or consider donating to any project she proposes,  you should know how she operates and keep it in mind.  

The same thing happened when she tried biofeedback as part of a tiny study I did in Ashtabula.  I could see the biofeedback had made no difference in her health so wondered at what she said about its impact on her.  

Rayelan's Jurak Site

I’m the publisher of Rumor Mill News, an online alternative news site. When I first started taking JC Tonic I was juggling my time between being a fulltime website publisher/writer and an English teacher. I also cared for my husband who had serious health problems, and I was looking after my mother, who lived with us.

In other words, I had no time to myself and my health reflected it.

I can’t remember all the various diagnoses I have been given over the years… Epstein-Barr, fibromyalgia, pernicious anemia, Gulf War Syndrome, herpes-simplex complex, viral meningitis, Meniere’s Disease… the list goes on… but you get the idea.

In 5 years I had ballooned from 160 pounds to over 200. I broke my ankle and was told it couldn’t be corrected without surgery. I developed a bulging disc in my back and had to see a chiropractor every week just to keep working.

The skin on my arms developed brown growths called seborrhea Kerasotes. The skin under my eyes looked like snake skin. A dermatologist told me that both problems were something that "older women" develop and there was nothing that could be done.

I was living on pain pills for the ankle and back and a buckets of herbal supplements for all the other problems.

Then I discovered JC TONIC

This is a photo of me before I started taking JC Tonic. It was taken in 2003 for my school ID. I had to use this photo, because I have virtually NO photos from this period. I looked so bad all of the time that I didn’t want any photographic record of those years.

The first thing I noticed was an increase in physical strength and energy. I had just been diagnosed with Epstein Barr. After being on the tonic for several months, I had another blood test. The new blood test showed I no longer had Epstein Barr.

The photo on the left was taken in July of 2005. You can see that I had begun to lose weight. I also had my pernicious anemia under control. I was still having problems with the herpes-simplex complex. I have the cold sore virus, but not on my lips, I have it in my left ear. When it acts up the pain is like shingles, but it’s on the inside of the body. This same virus has caused viral meningitis several times; the last time was in the summer of 2006. 3 spiders bit me in 3 weeks. My immune system failed and I developed viral meningitis.

The photo on the right was taken a few months ago in fall of 2007. I have lost almost 35 pounds.

I no longer have problems with my ankle or back.

The Kerasotes are almost gone from my arms as is the "snake skin" under my eyes... the two things that the dermatologist said couldn’t be helped!!

All the things that doctors told me would never go away, like the fibromyalgia and the permanently broken ankle, are hardly noticed these days!

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  1. Too bad you don't have those old photos.....I remember them, she used a photo that was clearly from the early 90's when she was much younger as the after Jurak photo and she looked like hell on her before Jurak which was her school ID photo. She was very obese and wearing lipstick. Lipstick on a pig comes to mind.
    Oh, and the photo you do show sure does look like Rapacious Rayelan is wearing makeup, but she is the Queen of Lies, so there you go.