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Rapacious Raye, the Liar from Hell

86 says, “Hold the Phone! Rapacious Raye blames Melinda for proliferate spending habits! Send money now!”

How bizarre. I left the upstairs entirely tidy, cleaned out, much more so than when I moved in. The Lee Family had been living there for some time. The bathroom was grimy and trash was stuffed everywhere. Incidentally, Raye never lived in those rooms, by her own report.
Raye is profligate and runs through money like grass through a goose. I am extremely thrifty. I have to be.
And therein lies a story which ties Raye to my former husband, my psychopathic eldest child, Morgan, and to others she recuited to destroy me for the benefit and security of Craig, the former husband, Dan, the president of the company who ensures his income never ends, and the NeoCon Cabal who lied us into the war in Iraq and the perpetual wars which followed. These are the people Raye so very  much admired, as so many have pointed out.  
Although I should be enjoying an income of about a million a year these people have worked diligently to destroy any income they can reach.
I live on my social security, which is half what it should be because my former husband, Craig Franklin, refused to apply for his, although he is now nearly 70. You see, he knows I need to money and has done everything possible to starve me and the son he adopted to death. Arthur gets a small stipend under Disability, but not much. Arthur has been in my care since his motorcycle accident on September 27, 2007.
I supported him myself entirely until 2009, struggling to find enough jobs on line which did not severely increase the migraines which had nearly killed me.
While I was living at the cabin I could never be sure my car would be working so I could make the appointments. The closest office was an hour away. Three times I had to cancel.
Then, desperate, I called Senator Barbara Boxer's office. They asked for piles of documents. The staff member was crying when she called me back. They had been horrified to see how close we had come to starving. Then they asked me to send my own medical records.
I did not ask for disability, it was provided because they could see I should have been getting it since the time of my divorce. But I should never have needed it.
Craig still owes me my marital share of stock. I will never get it because he and the president of the company cut a deal. Dan O'Dowd, scumbag and Drone Software provider to the American War Machine, cut a “Throw Mama From the Train Deal” with Craig.
Dan's solitary goal in life is to be richer than Bill Gates. Thanks to the money from government contracts he is close to achieving that goal. The one thing standing in his was was a business partner, Glenn Hightower, who had provided the capital to start the company. Dan was still a wet behind the ears recent graduate of Cal Tech. Glenn owned three successful companies.
Green Hills Software, Inc., was worth 350 million in 1997. Because of the walkout Craig staged he was able to exercise the sudden death buyout clause for 47 million, every cent Dan could scrape together.
Even with three successful companies Glenn could not get past the due diligence when the financiers arrived to carry out the employee interviews during the summer of 1998. Craig organized critical personnel and promised them extra stock as soon as Dan had control. Was this illegal? You bet it was, it was a conspiracy – but Glenn could not prove it and I did not know it was happening at the time.
To say Dan was grateful to Craig is an understatement. Hammering me into pulp was probably a pleasure for him. Dan has all the warmth of an ice cube.
So, there I was, having survived my second heart attack, coping with migraines 4 – 5 days a week and caring for Arthur 24/7 and barely able to see because the corneal transplant had failed.
Did I mention Craig makes several million a year?
Craig wanted Arthur dead and did everything in his power to ensure he did not survive, including intentionally driving him into the depression which ended in Arthur's putting a gun in his mouth and shooting himself through the brain. He paid Morgan, Arthur's sister who he was paying $5,000 a month to slander me to my friends and associates, an extra $10,000 to persuade me to accept the advice of the physicians and turn off life support.
This was Arthur's second traumatic brain injury. I refused. It took much longer for me to accept that Morgan is also a psychopath.
Of course, now the FBI also admits psychopaths congregate in corporate environments. Then, who knew?
When my health insurance company refused to cover effective rehabilitation, one of the best programs in the world is in Santa Barbara, Arthur ended up in a warehouse facility in Pomona. Even driving there was hard for me.
I hammered the insurance company and they agreed to pay – if I found alternative care and housing for him. Arthur was still unable to stand and needed help going to the bathroom. I brought him home. Caring for him was then and is now, my priority.
Raye makes it sound like dogs matter more than people. Her's certainly do to her.
I had to diaper Arthur at night for months. But now happier he stopped losing weight and started to recover. First, the brace on the wheel chair was no longer necessary. He could hold his own head up.
Then he stood, holding on to a brace. I was there when he took his first steps with a walker. I was there when he took a first walk outside, around the block. It took an hour when before it would have been five minutes for him.
Today, he walks with a cane, can get on the computer, and enjoys cuddling his cat, Meow and talking to people.
At the same time I was refusing to listen to my daughter, Ayn, who said to me, knowing her estranged sister, Morgan, far better than I did, “Why don't we let John Fund solve the problem for us?”
It was the John Fund incident which first introduced the Bush White House to Dan and Craig assisting with the cover-up of Saddam Hussein's offer to leave Iraq, if paid, in November of 2002.
Craig and Dan were the recipients of those government contracts because the Cheney and Rove needed Morgan's deposition from early in 2001, which had never been certified because the case settled.
For years I did not understand why they could not just leave us alone. It was the time line I finally constructed and the trickle of information from people who knew what was happening that clued me.
This took place during the summer of 2009. Two months later both myself and my son were on disability. The Boxer office made sure we had transportation to the multiple medical appointments.
And there I was, living at the cabin, now able to barely make ends meet but finally able to think about what I could do about it.
If you see how often I have published the facts, with evidence, you realize there has to be a reason Dan and Craig know they cannot sue.
In 2011 I put up a website,, all about Green Hills, Dan and Craig. I put up another site for the URL.  It had dawned on me all of the corporations were using the SAME playbook.   

I went after them at  No, they did not sue. Going to court would be devastating for them.  

Instead, they found Raye to do their dirty work for them and paid her to entice me, in any way possible, to come, temporarily to Ohio.  After I was here she worked to keep me here.   

The final piece of the puzzle, about Saddam, had still evaded me.
I did not want to come to Ohio. I did not feel safe driving. Now let me tell you what Raye did to get me to set out in an aging car during the winter.
Raye told me she wanted to be Arthur's Godmother, see that he got more rehabilitation, could find friends and enjoy life – and most profoundly meaningful to me, take care of him if I died. I know life is uncertain. My heart condition is inherited and all of my older siblings died of it years ago.
And Raye told me I was like a sister to her. When you have been through horrors of betrayal after betrayal you believe because you want to.
Those expressed sentiments made me vulnerable, I hope you never know what it feels like to be betrayed in this way.

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Jun-2015 00:22:50
I am $250.00 short of paying the rent. Tomorrow is the last grace day. It has to be paid by the 5th and I have no one that I can beg or borrow the $250 from.
If you enjoy RMN can you please help its publisher one more time?
It's a miracle that I am even on the internet right now. It's been off all day. I inspected everything from up and down and could find nothing wrong except that I could not get on the internet. I called the friend who set up the internet for me, and at this late hour, she came over to figure out what was wrong. She clicked the icon for the internet, pulled up the Drudge Report and announced... "Your internet is working fine." And as you can see, it is. I have no idea why I couldn't get online earlier today.
This is the first month that I have actually been living in the new house. The expenses have been horrendous. I have had to pay movers... I have had to pay painters to clean up the house I had lived in since arriving here in Ohio in 2010.
The new house is in the country, it has it's own water well, it has lots of land on which to grow food. It is the kind of house I have wanted. Tonight I sat on the front porch and watched the horses play in the field across the street. The moon came up over the forest of trees that are on a small hill. The moon was orange and huge. The entire scene reminded me of growing up in California's central valley. If I didn't know I was in Ohio, I would think that I was back in the small community in California where I grew up.
As wonderful as this new house is, securing it, paying double rent for 4 months because I had to be sure that my house guest who came for 5 months and stayed for over two years, was actually out of the house. I had to hire an attorney and take her to court. I won and she was ordered to leave. I expected that she was going to take months to finally move out, but she took less than two weeks to leave.
She left the rooms she had occupied for over two years without lifting a finger to try to clean them up. The carpets had to be cleaned and recleaned and the walls had to be painted. I have photos of the way she and her son left the second floor of the house where I used to live. All I can say is she had better not ever ask me or the landlord at the old house for a reference. She is currently living in Section 8 housing. I don't think she is qualified for it because she owns a house in California... unless it has been repossessed, which some believe it has.
The last month has been very expensive for me. I've been paying two crews. a moving crew and a painting crew. I now find that it's time to pay the rent on the new house. (I no longer am renting the old house and it seems my old landlord is very pleased with the way I left it.)
Because of all the added expenses I find that I am $250.00 short in paying the rent for June. If you can help, I truly need it. I normally pay the rent out of my Veteran's Administration check. But because of all of the added expenses of the move, my VA check was almost eaten up completely. There was $500.00 left to pay the $750.00 rent, leaving me $250 short.
Thank you so much for all your love and support and especially for your help at this time.
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