Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ancient History - When Rayelan was Hot

I received a request for more Hot Rayelan Pictures.  Sorry, this is all I have.


  1. So where are the "hot" ones?

    1. sskids, Rayelan says these are hot. Who are we to disagree?

  2. Wonky-eye, Wonky-eye, Rayelan's scam
    Gimme a donation as fast as you can;
    Use Raypal, widget or send a check to me
    And put it in the bank so I can spend for free.

    1. It is wonky. Sort of creepy. Yes, she got used to that when her carcass was still attractive enough to monetize. I don't think she realized, females like her don't, depreciation hits women harder than it does males. It's biological reality.

  3. Say WHAAAT?
    Da rummafills lady was HOT?

    Methinks it was back then when da bitch began
    with emotional mimkry and sensual faking
    her easy way of moolah moolah making..

    Aaah, yeah, she's been there, on planet Mars
    for remote buggery to train her sexy arse
    with aliens, in return for lots of money
    playing sweet sexy party girl bunny.

    Checking available pics and rumor mill facts to decide
    if wonky donkey mistress was promising for a good ride
    I can conclude, offer belated advice and must finally say
    "Was she ever sincerely HOT? Most probably NOT!"
    So please, all you applicants for martian GILF events
    hold back, better stay away or rather feign to be gay.

    RayPal Sting Raye Parole:
    "Thou always struggling with dire straits I insist to get
    money for nothing and I'm not a chick for free."

    (Imitating Dire Straits' Chicks for Money and Nothing for Free? - Qui Qui!)

    Grin & Greetings


    1. G~ - Your versing, insightful, to all eyes delightful, exposes the frightful, the grasping for money, exchanges for 'honey,' and lies, made aplenty, which render her funny. It is always a pleasure when you take up your Pen of Poetry. Thank you! Melinda