Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And another June 3rd Whine!

 As 86 said, "Rapacious Rayelan, cannot even keep the lies straight in an 8 hour time frame."  So true.  But it clearly does not matter.  Instead of bothering to lie she should just publish a picture of her hand extended with 'PUT IT HERE,' printed across  the screen. 

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 3-Jun-2015 18:55:55

I had to give money to the electric and car insurance companies or my policy would be canceled and the electricity shut off. And I still need to register my car which is about $100.00.
I hate being in this financial position... Hopefully my finances will have recovered from the move by next month.
If you can help me come up with another $300.00 for the rent, I would surely appreciate it. I need it as soon as possible.
Thank you so much,


  1. "I had to give money to the electric and car insurance companies

    No Rapacious Rayelan, you had to pay your bill for services rendered. Give is what your delusional readers do when they donate money to your ridiculous and fraudulent cause. There is a big difference, and as a self proclaimed English teacher you should know that. But you aren't really an English teacher nor do you have any college degrees. What is it like to pretend to be a person based on an entirely false narrative? Swindling pays pretty well eh? Lots of money, little effort, have you ever calculated how much per hour? I am sure it took less than three hours last month to swindle $6500 from your ignorant readers.

    1. SSkids, for Raye anytime a penny leaves her hand, even if she has entirely consumed what she is not having to pay for, it is an injury to her. She thinks she is due a free ride through life. This is a trait shared by all psychopaths.