Friday, June 26, 2015

Another delicious While of the Moment from Ryelan, super woman of the CIA!

Thanks to Agent 86, who commented, "I did not pay any of my electric bill with the $2000 you sent me, or my internet/phone with my $3000, please send more money now for me to squander"

Sounds like there was more essential decorating which needed doing at the new place on the posh dairy farm with the marvelous accoutrements and vast storage for Stuff.  And the 'friend' is doubtless Jim Heath who shares the larder with Rayelan - and if you look at him you will know she has strong competition there in the consumption department. 

Remember, Rayelan's health improves every time she tries one of the 'treatments' which she advertises online and for which she receives a kick back.  She always tells us in trilling tones how this or that has cured every problem she had.  When I arrived these miracles cures were all over the place.  Raye urged me to try them out as I got sicker and sicker as she fed me those funny pills and the strange tasting water.  So, what did she do did she do with them?  Our of Rayelan's vicinity I am rapidly improving.  So, was it those weird cures that destroyed my health?  The pills she insisted I take?  

Anyway, why don't you try some of the advertised goods - or take them yourself, Raye?

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 26-Jun-2015 10:05:18

My phones are already shut off. If I can't pay $300.00 (a small fraction of what is owed) my electricity will be shut off. I've been able to keep it on because I need a c-Pap machine to breathe at night. But that only goes so far with the electric company.
There is still $900 needed to reach the goal of $3,000 for the month of June. $300.00 will keep the electricity on in the RMN office for another month. I still need to pay something to keep my phone and internet connected.
The whole $900.00 would keep the electricity, the internet and the phone on.
The last time the electricity was shut off an entire freezer full of food had to be thrown out. A friend took me shopping a few days ago because he knew I had no money for food. I don't want to see this freezer of food go bad.
Money is always tight for me, but this move has cost me dearly in things that had to be sold just to keep the movers and the painters from walking out.
Thank you for understanding my situation. If you can help, I thank you with all my heart.


  1. "Thank you for understanding my situation. If you can help, I thank you with all my heart."

    What she really means 'Thank you for being stupid enough to believe all my lies. If you can give me more money I will squander it with all my heart.

    1. Words are just the bricks for building lies to get what she wants. She does not feel anything except elation when it works and a surge of power. When it does not work she is angry and looks at which bricks she is using, reviewing her scripts. It is a mistake to project human emotions on psychopaths. Emulating our emotions is their stock in trade. They study people experiencing emotions and then practice. When I read this it began my real understanding of Morgan. Being studied by a child psychopath is creepy

  2. " because he knew I had no money for food."

    She has an income of approximately $7000 per month and she tries to sell the story of no money for food. Does it look like Rayelan has missed any meals lately? She is a disgusting piece of shit.

    1. sskids, it will never be enough. If she was getting $100,000 a month it would not be enough because she would simply indulge herself in more ways. Jim would have strong objections to not eating. He is extremely over weight.