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Rayelan Allan
One of the suspicious "truth seekers", Rayelan Allan, who runs Rumor Mill News, was recently interviewed on radio. Her attempt to deceive us may provide us with some important clues as to what is going on. For the interview:
Look for September 28, 2007:
A direct link to the interview:
If you don't know who she is, I wrote about some suspicious aspects of her in other articles, such as:
Rayelan Allan promotes a theory that there are two groups of people fighting for control over the world, which she refers to as Faction 1 and Faction 2. She describes it in the radio interview and such articles as: 41807
She describes Faction 1 as the New World Order, which she further clarifies as being the Rothschilds, bankers, corporations, and monarchies of Europe. She describes these as bad people who want to take control of the world and turn us into their slaves.
She describes Faction 2 as a secret group of patriots who are fighting the New World Order. She claims that Faction 2 are good people who believe in freedom and other wonderful concepts. She wrote:
Faction Two is descended from the King of Bavaria, the Knights Templars and the German Abwehr. Faction Two was created by men whose countries had been destroyed by the New World Order.
If you watched Part 3 of my Masquerade Party videos, then you know that I also believe there are two primary groups fighting for control of the world. I agree with Rayelan Allan that one group is the Rothschilds, the bankers, and the economic and political monarchies. However, I think the second group, which she describes as a secret group of patriots, is actually the Zionist Jews. So why does she tell us that the second group is connected with the Knights Templar? Before I discus the Knights Templar, here is some information about her radio interview.
Gary Franchi
On 28 September 2007, Gary Franchi interviewed Rayelan Allan for his Lone Lantern radio show. His show is on We The People Radio Network, which is almost identical to the GCN and RBN radio networks. They all produce Zionist propaganda, so we should assume that everybody who is promoted by those networks is mixing truth with deception.
The network's shows:
Gary Franchi's site:
You can visualize their propaganda as bait on a hook. They have some truth to attract you, but it's mixed with deception, so try to find the truth and avoid the hook. Rayelan Allan claims that Faction 2 - the good people - come from the Knights Templar. While this could be deception, it could also be important information to explain what has been going on during these past few centuries. Let's try to pick the truth out of her message.


  1. Such a shame that Rapacious Rayelan deleted the archives, she was so outraged about what Hufschmids was writing about her
    and her junior partner in crime Theresa Durbin of Surfing the Apocalypse that she wrote quite a few posts denying the whole thing. She was outraged, how dare he!

    1. Yes, well, but it would have taken too long to rewrite it and, as in depositions, that never works out well for the liars. Have a wonderful weekend!