Friday, June 5, 2015

Agent 86 found another whining for dollars entry.

Agent 86 says, “Pay up Rubes” 86 likes to pretend he is Jeff Gordon (Hobie-Zapper) sometimes. By the way, I receive no subsidies, including Section Eight.

Remember when Raye was moving from California because her house was being foreclosed because she overspent on what should have been simple repairs to her kitchen? Instead, she took a lower middle class home and put in a posh kitchen which could not have increased the value of the house to include its cost and took out loans she knew perfectly well she could not pay. Did she care.  No, psychopaths never do. 
I'm fighting foreclosure because of the con job Craig paid Raye to do on me. And Raye defends Craig, who is a sexual pervert who likes little girls, especially if they trust him. His grand-daughter is in a victim protection program and Craig is one of the reasons.

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Date: Friday, 5-Jun-2015 14:01:37

I fear that my landlady may throw me out if I am late on the very first payment to her since I have been in the house.

Now that is a good idea. But the landlady won't do it. Imagine trying to get rid of the stuff Raye has and could not move. Now, how many months ago did Raye rent the place to house her junk and her motley collection of 'workers,' including the Deadly Handyman?

I am still $20.00 short on the rent and I just this moment found out from the painters that the man I hired to move everything from the old house to the new house didn't move my file cabinets or the deck. At the last minute the only person I can get to move those for me is charging me $60.00... $20.00 for gas and $20.00 for each of the two guys it will take to load an unload the truck.

Admission that today, June 5th – she is still not completely moved out of the Bunker Hill House. She lied. Again. What about the around $40,000 she collected for her move starting a year ago? And don't believe her. She will be back for more. She has never been able to live on a set budget – and with RMN Readers footing the bill why should she?

Please... I am sorry to keep on begging for more money, but RMNews donations pay everything that my social security and VA benefits don't cover... and they don't pay enough to cover this move.

She hates it all right. That is why she gloats so much when Readers believe her. I finally saw that. Gross.
Advice for RMN Readers of the most expensive reposting site on Earth: Find a cheaper place to read the news, for instance the places where the articles were originally published.

I also have to put enough aside each month to pay my accountant and the IRS.
Let's see the tax return where she lists her main occupation, online panhandler and the money forked over by you savvy RMN Readers.

I have $720.00 between the cash on hand and in Paypal. I need another $30.00 for the rent and I need $60.00 to pay for the use of a truck and two movers. And believe me... that's dirt cheap these days for what they are going to be transporting which is the deck from the old house, the brick patio, four tall file cabinets complete with years of research which I can hopefully turn into many books... plus all my large potted plants and the rest of the fence.

What? She is going to write another book about her past lives – maybe this one will be about when she was a mercenary during the Dark Ages and dragged captives of all genders and ages behind their wagon, cutting off parts to eat and keeping them alive until the next meal with a tourniquet. And she sat there with glee in her face enjoying every detail and she recalled it. She did this during dinner. Arthur and I were horrified.

Just $100.00 will cover everything I know I need at this moment... plus it will leave enough to pay the Paypal fees.

Pay the Paypal fees – and what would those be? Don't they take their small percentage at the time of purchase or sale? Or is she still paying off the IRS for what she did not pay, which is why she started using Fundrazr.

I have to pull the rest of the rent money out of the ATM and then drive an hour to take it to the landlady who is an older woman from Italy who had a dairy on this property and who doesn't trust banks. And she's right about the banks.
And Raye, the banks don't trust you, and for good reason.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And PLEASE stay stupid!


MORE – Thanks 86!

NEW: Just $50.00 to Pay the Rent and Get is Taken to the Landlady by 5pm today (views: 104)
Rayelan -- Friday, 5-Jun-2015 15:51:48

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Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Jun-2015 15:51:48
Here's the link to the Donation page. Click the Paypal link to send it to me in time.
Thank you so much,
Don't you love it when she is helpful?


  1. First, did anyone catch where she stated " if I am late on the very first payment to her since I have been in the house". First payment in the new house, is she just scatter-brained, or what has she been doing with all the other rent money she's begged?

    Second, Paypal isn't an instant thing. You don't give money and then Raycon has the ability to immediately withdraw it, takes a couple of business days. Tells me she has much more than she's admitting.

    Third, who rents a house, and then has to paint and such. That's the landlord's responsibility.

    As it's been said, you can't fix stupid. Wonder what drama will occur on their 666 anniversary tomorrow? Many thanks to you Melinda for exposing this fraud, but unfortunately, the world is filled with many weak-minded people who fall prey to false hopes and emotional keywords. Raycon is a master.

    1. Thanks Anon! She has multiple accounts, a pile of them. What astonishes me is that no matter how many times she exposes herself she can always come back with a high octane emotional whine. And she does not mean it. Even when she has a hissy fit she is clearly staging it. Really ugly to see, I can tell you.

  2. She claims she is moving a deck and a brick patio? What kind of fool makes capital improvements to rented property? Did the landlord give permission? Melinda, do you know what she is talking about?

    1. sskids, you have clearly missed a lot of action. Raye put in a toilet downstairs, a half bath on the first floor, the deck brickwork, and a fence. Then were was all the replumbing so she could turn off my heat upstairs, turn off the water, stop the drain on the bathroom I used an more. Do you seriously think she asked the landlord for permission? Oh. I forgot the new parking place on the front lawn which was never approved by the city. She put in thousands of dollars, all paid for by RMN Readers, naturally. And she also repaired the bathroom upstairs, which was clearly the responsibility of the landlord since the previous repair, before she moved in was carried out with ordinary drywall and not greenboard. I'm sure I will remember more. Nice of the Readers, don't you think?

  3. And a little whine from STA:

    by Theresa @, Friday, June 05, 2015, 16:03

    Hello Friends:

    I have realized that I post and just leave it open for people to donate and that not many are stepping up to help. Bless those few who do, they have kept the site open.

    But I have realized that perhaps I need to say just how much is needed. So, right now after calculating the donations already received, $400.00 is needed to cover all the rest of the site related expenses this month. Considering the thousands of dollars that I see that other sites are requesting and raising every month, this site is VERY economical.This is absolutely what is needed for the site and my survival this month.

    So, with that goal in mind if you read the site and can afford to help, please consider dropping something in the PayPal or snail mail to support this site. It doesn't take very many people to drop a little in to reach the goal.

    I will put the totals in this thread as they come in. I don't use the FundRazr widget because they take out fees on top of the fees already taken by PayPal, so too much is eaten up in fees just to show the totals.

    I do need your support and appreciate it so very very much.

    Many Thanks,

    1. So Theresa is an honored graduate of the Rayelan School for Disinformation Cons. She costs less that Rayelan and the stories are not quite as unbelievable. What are you going to do about the Grand Dame of Deceit, Rayelan the Princess of Greed?