Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wasn't her electricity already turned off?

Thanks 86!  Just keep paying - Jeff Gordon, who also has a life style to maintain, you know. 

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 11-Jun-2015 05:13:36

Hi, Folks -
In case you were wondering, I haven't heard from Rayelan in several days. I'm wondering if her electricity's been shut off, or if perhaps some other issue has come up and is totally occupying her attention. I don't know.
Meanwhile, many thanks to the 16 fine folks who have contributed $662 toward RMN's June expenses. :) And thanks for the several kind comments that accompanied those contributions. :)
As you know, we usually need $1000 in the FundRazr widget by about the 9th to cover important bills that come due at about that time, so we're a little behind schedule. One of those bills was shifted to come due on the 15th, so that's coming up shortly. And there's a chance Rayelan might reappear with some additional urgent need.
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

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    hobie -- Thursday, 11-Jun-2015 05:13:36
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    hobie -- Thursday, 11-Jun-2015 05:05:48

    1. Jeff donated a whole $52 this month. I think there is some dissension brewing between Rapacious Rayelan and the Dinar Scammer Hobie.

      1. That is just like changing the pocket the money is in for him. Thanks sskids!