Monday, June 22, 2015

Thanks Agent 86! More whining from Hobie - and a solution.

Agent 86 says - "$95 donations divided by 2064 views = an average return of 4 and 1/2 cents per view which is way too high for delusional bullshit.   A much better return than the dinar fools will get.     Hobie demands that they pay to be lied to and ripped off...such a giver eh?"

They work hard on those lies, 86.  They are professionals at lying to the rube-Readers.  Notice the happy, deluded Agents for RMN go get the articles and like good little doggies are paid nothing for finding the articles.  The writers of the articles found and reposted are not paid.

The solution is to put a couple of bucks in the PayPal Donate button of the author whose article you liked on the original site.  
Rayelan is paid for spending money and telling lies and Jeff Gordon-Hobie-Zapper is paid for helping her build up the hits so they can also make their MLMs profitable and get a cut of the Dinar loot.

You can't blame Hob-Ray for being annoyed it is not longer working as planned. 

Hi, Folks -
Several thousand of you will come here to read this one post. If each would contribute $5, it would help Rumor Mill News and its publisher significantly. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE WHILE YOU'RE HERE:

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