Sunday, June 28, 2015

Agent 86 says, "Urgent...Only three days left to fund Rayelan's extravagant spending...please contribute to her wastefulness now..June is a short month"

A Two For One Nag, supplied by the ever attentive Agent 86!  Thanks 86!

It is actually a tiny bit refreshing that Jeff Gordon did not mention Raye and only asked for money to operate the most overfunded reposting site in history.  Was Jeff sending out private nagging notes in ongoing attempts to guilt those who use this public site into coughing up?  We will probably never know. 

NEW: ** ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT, $515 TO GO - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ** (views: 20)
hobie -- Sunday, 28-Jun-2015 03:55:11

Hi, Folks -
Thanks indeed to the 83 fine folks (out of the thousands who regularly visit here) who have contributed $2485 toward RMN's June expenses, and for their many kind comments. :)
Tuesday is the last day of June; another $515 will reach our target goal. Please Contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

link: "Enriching Your Life By Giving" (views: 77)
hobie -- Saturday, 27-Jun-2015 23:39:58
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Date: Saturday, 27-Jun-2015 23:39:58

 And why would giving to RMN be a good way to give?  Why not give more to your church?  To your local food bank?  To the local animal shelter?  You can SEE your money being used for good there and need retain no suspicion that instead those hard earned bucks are being taken down to a local posh restaurant to fill the maw of the Madame of Moaning. 

Hi, Folks -
Found here:
Enriching Your Life By Giving
One month after her wedding day, 33-year-old Cami Walker was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and the life she knew changed forever. Cami was soon in and out of L.A.’s emergency rooms with alarming frequency as she battled the neurological condition that left her barely able to walk and put enormous stress on her marriage. Each day brought new negative thoughts: “I’m going to end up in a wheelchair… My life is over.
“Why did this have to happen to me?”
Then, as a remedy for her condition, Cami received an uncommon prescription from a friend, an African Medicine Woman named Mbali Creazzo. The prescription was simply to give away 29 gifts in 29 days. ...


  1. !!!!NEWS FLASH!!! Hobie has found a cure for Multiple Sclerosis

    link: "Enriching Your Life By Giving to RumorSwillNews" (views: 100)
    hobie -- Saturday, 27-Jun-2015 23:39:58

    Hi Folks-

    What could be finer, fix your disabilities by donating to RMN for 29 days straight. It works, see the link if you find it fitting.

    Blessings All


    1. Does that work as well as their other nostrums and investments, for instance the Iraqi Dinar? Maybe Jeff d' Hobum should donate and health his ethical disabilities. Or Raye could try the same thing and cure the whole list of 'illnesses and diseases and nearly fatal conditions' she is always about to die from. Yep. That is what they should do Also get Jim to donate, as he seems to be so eager to kept Raye fed.

  2. " 83 fine folks (out of the thousands who regularly visit here)"

    Only the dimmest of bulbs continue to donate to this scam, they should really turn their 'brights' on.

    1. Now sskids, they could just be recycling earlier donations, you know. Chumming the water all too often works.