Sunday, June 14, 2015

The RMN Busride to CIA Heaven

Agent 86 says, "Hobie thanks the 22 folks riding the RMN short bus," .....and this is an interesting time in RMN history?  

The RMN Bus to Mars - Get Your Seat Today!


Are these folks on board or just paying for the next installment of the incredible and, necessarily, unbelievable saga of Rayelan the Fictional?  

I will never forget asking her to tell me something specific about her 'activism.'  She said she decided not to buy a real fur coat, instead promoting the sale of faux fur.  I was speechless.  She did not produce them, did not sell them, did nothing but not buy a real fur.  This is not activism of any kind.  She is so uninformed she does not even know how to lie credibly about being an activist.  

And she collected thousands of dollars promising people they would have a bolt hold when they needed it.  Now she is living on an old Dairy Farm.  Why don't you contact her and tell her you are coming to live with her, if you helped fund the Family Camp Ground.  See if she will give you her address.  Just a thought. 

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hobie -- Sunday, 14-Jun-2015 04:59:58
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Date: Sunday, 14-Jun-2015 04:59:58

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 22 terrific folks who have chosen to be "on the bus" in support of Rumor Mill News and of Rayelan at this most interesting time in the history of RMN. :)
We do rely on your support, folks, to "keep the lights on" here at RMN. Right now I'd like to see us reach the $2000 mark in the FundRazr widget as swiftly as we can, because I know what's coming that will need to be fitly handled.
If you're able and would find it fitting, please contribute:
Blessings, all.


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    hozie -- Monday, 15-Jun-2015 05:08:11

    1. sskids, let's hope they listen and start being active in their local communities so they can have some real security.

  2. Rapacious Rayelan's activism is unlimited in the area of scamming people for their money, her swindling has therefore limited the ability of the RMN short bus riders to afford fur coats. MOON spells activism.