Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June is blooming with bucks

86, says, "It is a new month, let the rapacious financial raype games begin or I need $300 for gas money so send me $6500 says the raypist"
It is incredible that this woman can get anyone to give her the time of day. It is give, give give, and she doesn't even pretend to have a charity. It is all for her – on a reposting site where she steals content. (Melinda shakes her head) If they just stopped paying for the server all would be well. Let's pray for that.

NEW: Still $200.00 Short (views: 249)
Rayelan -- Wednesday, 3-Jun-2015 10:20:47

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 3-Jun-2015 10:20:47

We've paid for the server, but there are other bills, like the electric and rent that need to be paid. The most urgent is $200.00 more to pay the rent by the 5th.
I normally pay the rent out of my Veteran's Benefits, but last month I ran an overdrawn balance at my bank, and when the VA Benefits came in all of it went to pay off the overdrafts. Moving is not only hard, but it's expensive.
Thank you so much for your help and support.
Date: Wednesday, 3-Jun-2015 10:26:32
In Response To: Still $200.00 Short (Rayelan)
For some reason my email isn't working and I don't have time right now to figure out why.
Can you please take the widget in the previous post and put it in the side column??
Thank you!!

ShadowSoul gave $500

Never Believe that a few Caring People can’t Change the World. For, indeed that's all who ever have. - Margaret Mead

Melinda - And thank goodness I never introduced her to Helen, who was one of Margaret's closest friends. Raye would have marketed that to Hell and back.


  1. First it's $200 for rent, now it's $300? In just a couple of hours? Is this the new math they're teaching in schools today?

    1. Well, it could be she was not issues enough fingers and toes to count money. Or it could be she is forgetting to review her last lie before writing the new one. Or she could have early dementia or Alzheimer's. She should really let Jim Heath write the lies for her. We would at least get something new - like a plea for more sewing machines to store.

  2. Please note that yesterday she only needed $100 for rent. "We got everything paid for including $650.00 of the $750.00 rent that is due in three days".
    - See more at: OR the previous post's comment section

    because I couldn't have possibly spent a hundred last night, could I?'

    Earlier, I was copying and pasting and the widget was still May. That was 5pm CST, 6pmEST (3 1/2 hours ago for me, now) Wonder how long 3 grand will be enough?, especially when the "donations" are always slow until she actually writes something (or Hobie does). Hey, maybe some are actually doing the math? ~dmh

    and you know Melinda, as a fellow human being, I am sorry that you had to go through all that with her. I am proud of your strength
    And to all readers, check out Mark Passio on ytube, Cancel the Cabal.

    1. Now, what do you think the next hideous trauma Raye has to withstand is going to be. Will Jim go berserk and start sobbing on his Martha Stewart Magazines? Will Raye decide to do a crowdfunder and use her junk as perks? Will she get married again and expect everyone to send her first engagement presents, then wedding presents and pay for the wedding and for the honeymoon to make up for the horrible life she has lead? And will Angel and Deadly Handyman ever make another appearance? Will anything of any real significance happen in her life - or will it continue to be a bad simulation of a soap opera? What do you think?